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Monday, 1 June 2015

All Quiet On The Paedo Front.

I Suspect The Activity Is Still Rife, Though.

Sadly this loathsome, grotesque piece of human excrement died before his evil and his criminal abuse was made known. Same with Slimy Savile. What I wish to know is why their crimes have not yet brought about much in the way of exposing their cohorts?

The sickening eulogies remain untampered with and the very dark and nasty underbelly of the rich and powerful continues as before. Has anyone noted any apology, for example, from Clegg and his weird mates found here, an unbelievable piece of, at best, crassness.

Only last week a young woman spoke out against the abuse she suffered, only to be quickly set aside as plod does what it does best, protects its own and its bosses, before all else. It is a mystery in this modern age of mass communication how still the PTB are able to keep the lid on these dreadful goings on.

As for this Kiwi appointment to investigate the allegations of child abuse, is she back in New Zealand on a massive salary to keep stum and pretend she's active? When in reality she's just another bought and paid for front to pretend many years will be required before most of the victims are dead. Goddard was last mentioned in the media last February what since?

All that will have happened is the Asian grooming gangs will be a little more careful and the Establishment will still have their "fun" with ever wider, more self satisfied smirks at their Sepp Blatter like Teflon existences.

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