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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What Next For Charlie?

ISIS To Be Welcomed With Open Arms Into Buck House?

I dread to think what this creep is saying. That's the one on the right, that is. Something like we blew your Unc to smithereens, perhaps, or "Can't wait until your granddaughter's a little older", perhaps. Who knows.

All this reconciliation knows few bounds. Well any begrudging respect I ever had for this adulterous, lecherous piece of work, the one on the left, is well and truly gone. Sure his Mumsy was pressured into meeting this gangster and murderer's cohort, McGuiness but what's his excuse? Wants to best Mum, or play the statesman. 

Does he have any idea what an insult to the victims of this callous, evil, Devil's pile of excrement his fawning trip to visit the scum his effort means? Of course not, otherwise why do it? Never mind, a few years from now he can entertain ISIS conquerors as they take over Westminster.

Over tea at a Buck House Garden Party, King Charles, lap dog extraordinaire, can debate the best method for beheading innocents in order to cause maximum distress. Or query how they dispose of hundreds of dismembered bodies efficiently. Reconciliation, you see.

No brutality, no disgusting interpretation of human life, no cruelty is beyond forgiveness. With this attitude, no spoon is too short, no price too dear, if some individual, born to a life of privilege, can be conciliatory and seek greatness via the sewers of the worst humanity imaginable. I just hope his cards are marked well in advance of his subjects future subjugation by the horrors his "reconciliation" is likely to offer mere commoners. 

Remember the effort some years back to associate the name "Hoon" with the "c" word? Perhaps today "Charles" might be used to create a similar association.


  1. I thought consorting with trees was bad enough: A total disgrace.

  2. Cultural relativity in extremis. No lines are drawn all is relative, all can be forgiven. I remember after the Omagh bomb the father of a nurse who had been torn apart by the bomb went on TV and publicly forgave her killers. That left me with the same feeling of disgust and nausea that this cowardly "reconciliation" does...Michael Harris

  3. One could perhaps apply a similar argument to entertaining Angela Merkel? Just saying...

  4. Dear Dioclese, that's an excellent point-without forgiveness there's no progress. However I was talking about being a normal human being , meeting the man who bombed my relation. No political considerations could soften my attitude towards him.