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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Unimaginable Scale Of It All.

Labours' Passion For Importing Voters.

If we consider the make up of British society and population, several issues arise which, as ever, are never debated at an election. Purely on the fact that to upset any part of society might risk alienating millions of voters, our political lickspittles pay lip service to even the worst, basest and evil voters.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you heard anybody talk of this abuse? Or the Janner scandal, Cyril Smith cruelty or any jot of a passionate promise to root out these cancers deeply embedded in our lives? Rest assured these grotesque and frequent occurrences of how sick we have become, from mainly imported cultural devious nastiness, will not get a mention at the stage managed, Oscar performances.

This before we even begin to consider the rest of our social make up. The sadly disadvantaged, genetic nightmare of those born with little intelligence, mental reasoning or plain common sense. These are those so challenged as to be incapable of looking at their poverty stricken council estates, immigrant ghettos and grossly unpleasant lives and realise that, after decades of powerful, Trade Union funded, socialist promises, not one Labour Government has improved their lot.

One answer to those ills is education. Yet even here the socialist diktat of "equality" produced comprehensive education to screw the only chance, via grammar schools, of any, rare, bright spark to wriggle free of socialist dogma. As, in the 70s and 80s, social mobility looked a way out of the lottery of birth, the socialists pissed all over those rare chances.

Not content in enforcing this deprivation, Labour looked to import a further tranche of millions of equally poor and disadvantaged voter fodder, to stuff in the cannons of their already excrement ridden philosophy. What hope for any of us when any cry of "enough" gets us branded as "racist", "xenophobic", "selfish little Englanders or Brits".

If we, as a Nation, are to be capable of helping others, paying large amounts of foreign aid to people, not despots, we must underpin our own wealth and freedom first. Otherwise we leave our future at the mercy of creditors and despots, who care less for our own values and inherent though watered down decency. Many such people out to subjugate us into a EUSSR.

This election will help point the way as to whether or not we might still get back to an independence of heart and soul. Something utterly beyond the socialist, inbred, utterly devoid of human decency that is socialist philosophy of brutal control. If you doubt me, look at history.

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  1. Indeed Mr Rightie. The answer is always education. But some folk are just too fucking thick to partake- aint that the sad truth. As a poor boy in a poor part of town I took advantage of the education system in the 70s. I am no longer a poor boy and I live very well thankyou very much.