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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Left Have Left!

With Luck, Never To Return.

The ruins above are placed to remind myself of where the leftards are now placed, in ruins. Yet also to illustrate where we, as a Nation, might have been led under a socialist dictatorship in hock to Nicola Merkel. Furthermore, if we look at the media's subdued coverage of the outrages perpetrated by the leftards
yesterday, we must fully understand something else.  

Throughout the ill informed, so totally wrong, opinion poll led, election campaign, swallowed whole by the gullible punditry and chatterati, an undercurrent of nastiness flowed throughout the leftards' veins. A current unidentified by the self obsessed, EUSSR funded, Sky and BBC news know alls. Sure, the odd Tory colluded, like in Thanet to deny Nigel Farage but his success in vote numbers was a major, again ignored, element in this vote. Remember the SNP tiny minority five years since?

Yet even the might of EU funding and propaganda failed to install their preferred socialist clients in their slow, deluded creep to Federalism. What joy as the British and in particular the English electorate came to their senses. With the UKIP share and DUP/Ulster percentage, over 50% of the vote share leant firmly right. As far to the right as the Edstone went left and fell on the boy!

None of us, particularly pollsters, can know the future. What we have as fact is that common sense remains an election winning formula. Since that is mostly the preserve of the right, over the coming five years we shall be spared the stupid, ignorant and away with the fairies nature of leftard bullying, envy and their ancient tenets of class war arguments, long forgotten in the modern world. Sturgeon would do well to remember her communist instincts won't stand the test of time. Ask the Cambodians if you think me wrong. Or even her own Scottish folk, who gave the Conservatives quite a boost, in her own backyard, with nearly 15% of the votes.

An indicator as to which lot the noun "nasty" has the greater efficacy. Also how the Labour paymasters will be spending their members largess in the next five years. Despicable and loathsome , spiteful and such poor losers. Thank God their Millibad Moribund apologists for these thugs are out of power. Possibly for ever in this fair and pleasant Land. Well, England.

How to be a crap loser.

The nasty party and new Nazi thugs.

Finally, Bliar's plea to socialists, be more like conservatives! However, aspiration requires a brain. Have a great five years!

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