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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Last Day.

Has The UKIP Bashing Ended Yet?

The marked difference between 2010 and now is the effort put in to vilify and devalue UKIP. If the BBC and Sky, in particular, are not pushing negative stories  against UKIP, whilst ignoring hundreds of dubious antics of LibLabCon candidates. A point made by the brilliant Susanne Evans pointing to this this incident tucked away in a Scottish Newspaper.

Note even more seriously the total lack of mention of child sex abuse in mainly staunch Labour ghettos towns and cities. The hardly mentioned NHS scandals, under 13 years of Labour incompetence. PFI crippling costs, the list is endless. Just imagine the firestorm against the Tories were those desperate failures been on their watch.

Still, LibLabCon are in collusion with their EUSSR masters, led by Merkel, all hell bent on taking us into a Federal Union. Give us 5 years of Wally Goofy and Lady Macbeth and we may well be struggling with how much a euro used to buy in pounds. That coupled with astronomical council tax bills, huge fuel price increases and green levies on electricity and gas bills.

Such is the fear that these real dangers might be discovered, through a massive UKIP vote, the Establishment have orchestrated an obscene insult to the remaining vestiges of democracy. Should, sadly, the polls be right, there will be a headlong rush to see the UK swallowed up and become a disjointed hotch potch of disenfranchised regions. Places policed by the force shown in the picture above.  

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