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Friday, 1 May 2015

Some TV At Last.

Milibad Shown Up, The Other Two Brought To Book!

The cosy cartel rocked.

We who believe in personal responsibility, self reliance and conservatism of all that is worthy of conserving, should rejoice at a "progressive" we know what's best leftie stance, so historically bad and damaging, for once, clobbered hard last evening. Though not the ballot itself, an audience of voters reinforced the old, natural tendency for the British, led by English values, to be conservative and decent. Not the vicious and class war envy which drive socialist Pol Pot, Stalinist outcomes. 

Now if, sadly, the election next week is compromised by postal ballot fraud, dubious counts and corruption or for whatever reason, fails to reflect the Question Time views by, for once, a balanced audience, it will be a travesty. One further factor, is those watching from the EUSSR bunker.

How they, the EU Politburo,  must have felt smug and grateful they never have to face such polite wrath at the hands of an electorate. How relatively assured was Cameron compared to his "Union Puppet on a string" opponent. As Miliband's initial confidence his BBC minders would protect him began to almost immediately evaporate, his facial expressions reverted to his weird, slightly spooky, facial contortions. 

As each minute passed, Milibad got more and more panicked. Glances towards the usual Dimbleby protection and quiet diversionary bias normally associated with Question Time, brought zero comfort. So battered, so exposed for the Marxist, devoid of real human empathy to all people, rich or poor, was Red Ed, even his blatant lies over Labour overspending and SNP required, unpopular support, were unconvincing.

Indeed, so desperate to get off the platform, so utterly aware of the car crash he had just driven ,over confidently, into, what was meant to be a rehearsed farewell glance and wave, of a newly coached gladiator to adoring fans, became an awkward, clumsy fail and trip. 

I must not be overconfident in these unpredictable times but maybe, just maybe, my fellow citizens will do right and consign leftie, childish sense of entitlement to all things moral, to history. Attitudes struck by the likes of Russel Brand. Or his female namesake, Jo Brand. People incapable of understanding human nature and instinct.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the Labour camp as Red Ed floundered. As he lurched and was forced off script and presentation. As the barely controlled, unfortunate facial gurning grew ever more peculiar, as his pugilistic nose seemed really to lengthen as he dismissed any relationship with the SNP, his minders must have been mortified.

As these theatrical, director clowns in Milibad's corner must have winced as though the punches landed were on they as well as their "boy", they must have longed for the bell. A longing still to have a further, mega blow, as an exhausted, found out lightweight almost fell. Even before the stumble, his face and body expression seemed as though he was wondering why the towel wasn't chucked in!

In summary, a great moment to be an enemy of  the gutter ideology that is socialism and it is immortalised. A Kinnock moment and then some! Even if this clumsy, deceitful communist/Marxist spawn gets into Number 10, he's diminished and found out. When a Labour leader makes Kinnock and Gordo look good, surely even a disastrous occupation of the Office of PM will not be without public shame and embarrassment, as he polishes Ms Sturgeons shoes and attends to Alex Salmonds's comb over!

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