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Friday, 22 May 2015

Sky Guilt Ridden Promotions.

Remember The Poor Woman Hounded By Charities?

As a caring sort of bloke, who carefully donates to chosen causes, supports my wife's NGS open days and generally concerned about the human condition, this dreadful possibility resounded heavily. It also made me think of the corporate nature of modern charities.

Sick of BBC bias, especially their EUSSR less than subtle, blatant leftard agenda, funded by the EUSSR and licence fee, made me seek to follow Sky 24 hour news in preference to the BBC 24. However the every 30 second, so it seems, endless advertising, their EU bias sold in return for mega commercial TV deals on the Continent are as off putting as the BBC outpourings.

Then add the endless stream of begging bowl advertising and it becomes unwatchable. The centuries old cruelty, bullying, misogynistic cultures and tribal, medieval, unimaginable viciousness, especially throughout Africa but typically the overpopulated and poverty stricken parts of our Planet are a feature of my whole life.

Even the slums of industrial Britain and the grime laden, grim cities and their back to back, outside toilets were luxury compared to those countries still little further forward than the middle ages. Why this is so seems a weird conundrum when the wealth, charitable billions and foreign aid's unending largess must, over my lifetime, be in the trillions. All to no avail.

Yet hour after hour Sky push out expensive advertising full of undertones of accusation that unless I give a fiver a month for some, a couple of quid for others and own up to condoning FGM in the UK, global abuse of young girls and supplying arms and private jets to despots, I am less than decent as a human being.

That those promoting this charity pistol to the head are themselves pure as the driven snow and worth their six figure salaries and then some, sickens me. Sure I can turn off and I do, frequently. Of course I can junk the junk mail but every so often something catches the eye. As the endless confidence trickery looks to do so. More so where animal cruelty is the subject.

As for the bleeding heart industry. That is not confined to adverts. This terrible mass migrant trade now, a daily feature of news broadcasting, is but one example. As though, so it seems, the undercurrent suggestion by the broadcasters is its all my fault. Me and the rest of the Western nations who have forged, through war and sacrifice, a relatively good lifestyle for most of its citizens.

However my hard earnt, reasonable life has been the cause of every ill, abuse and cruelty perpetrated by others. Islamic related atrocities are just savages kicking off out of rage at my white skin and centuries of evolving, as they stand still. 

It would appear I must hang my head in shame as these butchers rampage throughout the Globe. Yet they are sacrosanct when compared to "Buddhist mobs" or dare I say it, conservative Conservatives, who seek practice, when PC is not looming, what they preach, as a way to promote a better way than the tribalism destroying other communities.

So, in summary, I would ask the punditry, chatterati and leftard peddlers of guilt to get stuffed. I'm sick to death with the constant barrage of blame and accusation that somehow all the scum on earth are only able to exist because they are hard done by due to "white supremacy". 

It's just the human condition and its variability. Accidents of birth, nothing more or less. That and the fact that some cultures are less advanced than others. An issue used as an excuse for the most inhumane, barbaric behaviour one can imagine. Seemingly much of it driven by Islamic ideology, hiding the inherent, underlying fact that it is little more than racist, chip on the shoulder envy. Funny how it has so many facets of the socialist driven atrocities perpetrated by the likes of the Nazis.

Spreading this nastiness over the whole world doesn't seem a good idea, to me. Tell that to our leaders and the EUSSR!

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