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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Phew, Nearly There.

Still No Real Meat On The Bone Of Empty Rhetoric.

I suspect many, many voters other than the army of challenged and ill bred leftards and Jeremy Kyle Labour idiots, wish more passionate electioneering would be and have been, taking place. In the initial leadership debate Cameron did touch on the Labour NHS record. Particularly Mid-Staffs but not PFI. That millstone round the neck of NHS finances as heavy and stupid a deal as the 'EdStone comedy. 

Let us consider other big concerns. The EUSSR is rampant and seemingly unconcerned about the UK election. So much so they're mulling the EU Army big time, the accession of Turkey. Probably likely to fill many of the new military ranks as a "neutral" force to quell any Nationalist movements in the future.

Those two matters will have a huge impact on our lives in the UK. Just as the 75% of laws now ruling our existence, quietly and damagingly effective. Laws funding civil service loyalty to the masters in Brussels and Berlin and offering politicians and lawyers lucrative futures in return for selling out ancient Nations and traditions, so hard fought and died for.

Traditions stained with the imported Asian grooming epidemic added to the Establishment paedophile activity. Both sections of society escaping any promise of punishment and seemingly happy to be perpetuated by all those, bar UKIP, seeking office under a manufactured cloak of respectability. A shameful omission from the campaigns promising a rosy future denied the thousands of raped, abused and probably, sadly dead in some instances, young children.

As I write this post, the Daily Politics is running with Peter Hitchens and Susanne Evans versus Michael Heseltine. For once one of the old guard, arrogant politicians given a worthy duo of opponents. A debate that, in the main, has been lacking in true representation of sensible people.

Whatever happens, come Thursday, UKIP will likely mirror the SNP and by 2020, if not sooner, do to the Establishment and LibLabCon exactly as done to Labour in Scotland. So if you feel let down by Thursday's result, take heart. It should well herald a new dawn for us and a nightmare for Common Purpose.

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