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Friday, 29 May 2015

Modern Life, Modern Corruption.

Breathtaking Sleaze.

"It's the way things are" said a guy I know, when talking about how money talks and its power corrupts. "Doesn't make it right", was my response. So as Blatter will shortly celebrate his hard won election, bought via decades of playing African and third world despots for all his worth, yet another fisting of the average Joe will continue.

It comes as no surprise that the usual suspects in the engine rooms of global, corporate fraud and corruption are being fingered in the FBI investigations and arrests, are being discussed. Barclays, HSBC and KPMG to note three names mentioned this morning. All of these mega corporations have one single thing in common, the huge salaries and rewards paid to top executives.

The common meme to justify these obscene incomes is the need to pay the most for the best brains and talent. I suggest otherwise. The pay is for the most surefooted, dodgy dealers, prepared to sell their souls for untold riches, law breaking and lack of any morality or pity for the millions of victims of their behaviour and systematic rape of the Planet's resources.

Part of the structure of all this global greed is the EUSSR. An organisation set up to exploit the corporate expansionism of this corporate obsession with dominance and power over all others. This construct, headquartered in Brussels, is so corrupt and politically untouchable as to make Septic Blatter, (as named in the press this morning), seem like the Archangel Gabriel!

Nevertheless and despite this global effort, IS continues to threaten that cosy Western Cartel and Common Purpose arrogance that anything goes, including the big fat brown envelope easing of the path to dictatorship. The flight of Russian Oligarchs into the arms of Western Establishment bosoms after the fall of The USSR, with much of that Federations billions, may also have backfired and China is no friend of the Islamic crede. 

My point here is that certain elements of our present acceptance of all things mega wealthy may yet bite those heavily involved. Who knows? It might even bite Blatter later today but I'm not holding my breath. He is so like many of those orchestrating large and rich organisations. Drunk with power, riches and unconcerned about paying any price criminality has to offer.

He gets red carpet treatment and the status of some Presidential politician, strutting the globe in the finest luxury. Much of that comfort paid for on the backs of slave labour, used for building stadiums in the weirdest locations, sometimes paying with their very lives. Blatter's acceptance of this deferential forelock tugging never greater than in African or South American locations.

It may well be how "it's" done but doesn't make it right. So what? Shrug shoulders. Well, it may well hasten the demise of the human race, as the stakes are raised and weapons of mass destruction acquired by those with a different, albeit just as barbaric, motivation to rule the world.

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