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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Marauding Clansmen And Women.

SNP Storm Westminster.

Is this the smell to come? What a childish, petty start to the third largest Party in Parliament. Quickly followed by further gross, nasty and insulting ignorance in yet another petty piece of infantile stupidity.

If this behaviour is indicative of how the Scots regard the privilege of elected office, their failure to have a Labour crowd to suck up to is a miracle of good fortune for most of us. 

Cameron was criticised for scaring the electorate, well we English, with an unholy alliance of socialists comprising of Labour and SNP newly arrived weirdos. I've always recoiled from the uncouth nature of socialists and their Trade Union paymasters. Add this crowd of 56 oddball ignoramuses. If we are to presume they not only represent their Constituencies but are representative of the same, my ambition to holiday there has lost its passion.

As for Sturgeon, are we also to assume these people mirror her class and style? I suspect we well find this to be the case. So by all means give them control of all their affairs, even their apparent deep affinity for independence. The sooner that happens, without endless handouts from the rest of us, the sooner they will fall from what little grace they appear to have. 

Sadly my old fashioned belief that the United Kingdom still shares the values I grew up with, admired the joint achievements and successes of and felt kinship, with is being dismissed. So be it. Just another example of how socialism, when set loose, destroys all before it. Your welcome, Scotland. Just don't pollute it for the rest of us.

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  1. They have nothing to lose OR - they wish to make us as fed up of them as they can.
    Time to call it a day I fear.