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Friday, 15 May 2015

Labour Floundering.

Popcorn Sales Go Stratospheric!

"I'm too Sexy for My Shirt" and as big a toff as you could wish for, poster boy withdraws from the race months before the kick off. One wonders why as the media are nearly as shocked as they were when that exit poll hit the screens!

As for those still spoiling for a family squabble, I just can't see any of them as worrying those of us still grinning over last Thursday's outcome! Scotland, socially engineered to a fault now Labour lite to such a degree as to be probably finished in Scotland. Talk about unintended consequences. So Blair/Brown like. Everything they touched turned to dust!

Now the clowns are trying to dream up some kind of further scam to pretend they're not really socialist leftards, covetous of aspirational success, self reliance and character. All an anathema to those who believe only big Government works. It actually does, ask some of those rich as Croesus such as Mandleson and Bliar. The fact their assuaged avarice cost millions like me a huge hit on their hard won pensions matters not.

Still, with luck the socialist fox has been shot. A new Leader might, with luck, bury the carcass! Sometime around May, 2020!


  1. Clearly the article I wrote yesterday has had a wondrous effect.

    Who would you like me to get rid of next?