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Sunday, 31 May 2015

In Or Out?

One Certainty For The Referendum.

The one certainty during the forthcoming referendum is that the truth about the endemic, deeply rooted, FIFA style corruption will not get anything like full coverage. Just as this gross cover up was never featured in the media bubble of obedient and incompetent reporting we are spoon fed.

In a similar manner, the dreadful shortcomings of this bloated EU State, already out of control except that exercised by and from Berlin. All this talk about renegotiation is a smokescreen. I suspect in Cameron's travels it is more likely the cash amount to fund the "yes" campaign that will figure large in the cosy chats.

I just hope that a good "no" campaign will hammer home the valid and so important reasons for leaving. Mass migration, soon to be multiplied many times over from Turkey. Another capitulation to Islamic expansionism together with our inability to negotiate trade deals on our own behalf, deport criminals and run our own affairs, without interference from an unelected EUSSR Commissariat.

Add to the endless list of negatives the cost of membership, the gravy train for the likes of The Kinnocks, Mandleson, Patten et al and the argument for remaining umbilically attached to this ghastly Federal project becomes untenable. Speaking of Kinnock, read this article from many years since  and you get a flavour of what the EUSSR and its corrupt Commission is about. 

None of this decade and half old reporting is any different now. Except many more years have passed without proper, audited accounts being signed off. As I have mentioned many times recently, we will be expected to vote for remaining part of a project which makes FIFA look squeaky clean. Will that feature in a no campaign? We can but hope.

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