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Monday, 18 May 2015

In His Counting House.

The Bliar Legacy.

How does this "guy" and his cohorts sleep at night? As IS forces and Saddam's Sunni, albeit minority, tribal fighters make a mockery of the billions of western dollars spent "training" the Iraqi army, all we see is Bliar awash with blood money and modern, expensive weaponry handed on a plate to IS fighters.

A convoluted and uneasy new set of alliances are now forming. Iran with the West, Saudi with IS as an initiative to tame Assad and Iran. Such a dreadful nightmare unfolding. Do the Saudis now fear Iran's possible acquisition? Where do the Israelis stand on the potential future exchanges?

Much of this unfolding catastrophe lies with the bleeding heart aficionados of the leftard Western soft, unrealistic take on human nature. As the medieval brutality burns through the vacuum left by the toppling of Saddam and Gadaffi, what in God's name were our lot thinking in their meddling, childish response to 9/11? 

As for the US/EUSSR/NATO interference, is their one single success to be seen? As with the Middle East, so Ukraine. An arrogant assumption that the Western, Corporate model of globalised power bases, with greed at at their core, was the way to subjugate every cultural society on the Planet, beggars belief.

Little Old me has no answers but I have a deep seated belief that without a major and draconian effort to squash Islamic fanaticism, we are finished in the West. This preparedness to offer millions of migrants, hundreds of cultures and social backgrounds, instant rewards earnt by host societies only after centuries of sacrifice is a scandal.

The understandable but misguided approach by the West, to seek to offer sanctuary to all those deliberately displaced, as a weapon, by ISIS, is madness. Not least because this scenario is also a vehicle to transport IS fighters as sleepers, into Europe and the US. These people to add to already embedded thousands. Naturally our lot will spend billions on these multicultural demands since they offer a way, so Common Purpose will have it, to a pan European, Western single culture.

We can only halt this Islamic drive to dominate, by fear and horror, the World, with a strong and equally brutal response. Of course we won't. As I have said many times, only China and Russia have the right attitude. Meet fire with fire, sad as that might seem. In the end, the refugee crises, humanitarian disasters and the very future of mankind will rest on the survival of the fittest. That, it appears, does not include the Iraqi Army, trained by the West, allegedly.

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