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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Immigrant Poor.

Calais Jam Packed With Flotsam And Jetsam. 

The pathetic cretins from the slums and third world dumps trying to get into the UK are all a result of the socialist agenda to "rub middle class noses" in multi-culturism. Had Granite Ed got into power it is likely this post would have been regarded as a criminal offence.

Since the ignorant and parasitic hordes in Calais are likely, many of them, to be of the persuasion of the two at the end of the clip above, we can say that Labours' nose rubbing has been and remains very successful. If we add the numbers of IS members and terrorists, mingling with the rest of those mainly young, feckless male chancers, we begin to see why Labour failed to win power. Thank God.

We must also never forget the EUSSR's role in seeking migrant mass occupation of Western Europe as a weapon in the destruction of Nationhood. It really is ironic how billions of our taxes, employed to destroy the very values we have fought centuries to protect, only to watch helplessly as those kind shown laugh at our weakness to stand up for decency. Plenty more to arrive, ere long, to swamp our values under a torrent of imbecility.

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