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Sunday, 3 May 2015

If You Doubted Labours' And Their Glorious Leader's Sanity.

Doubt No More, The Socialists Are Monumental Fools.

Not withstanding their leftard illiteracy such as follows. Calling government saving of our taxes as "cuts". a policy to find room for large families in houses occupied by Labour supporters, a "bedroom tax", whilst wishing to tax people out of their once modest London houses, with a stupidly ridiculous "mansion tax", the latest and astounding pronouncement by the "Glorious Leader" tops any other glaringly pathetic stunt.

I refer to this madness. At last a genuine, full on Mrs Duffy moment and then some. Where on earth did this come from? What moron dreamt this up? Was it Goofy Wallace himself? Even if not, our Great Leader signed off on it. Proof eternal the man is a buffoon and very peculiar!

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  1. With luck, that stone will do for Miliband what that baseball cap did for Little Willy Hague. I live in hope...