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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Here We Go Again.

Union Sulk At Losing Election.

If you ever doubted your looks can mirror your character, just dwell on the past and present socialists and leftard thugs. Mao, Stalin, Kim Haircut in North Korea and so forth. Then consider the thugs who run our UK Union mafias. Pleasant folk tend to have more approachable and kind faces. People like our dear wannabe Supreme Leader Len, above.

The second the new Government announce their intention to implement their manifesto, voted for by those prepared to make the effort and despite postal ballot fraud carried out by socialist experts in these matters, the bullies kick off.
Just this weekend Education is the initial, typical Labour/Union weaponising of matters and their archetypal approach to oppose for opposition's sake regardless of any damage to peoples' lives and opportunities.

They were justifiably accused, in the Election they lost so badly, of being anti aspirational. The failed, dismal record of comprehensive education's endless experiment is but one, albeit major, mega fail of Labour. Immigration a further example of their deep seated need to have and implement policies for their own advantage and sod the people or their wishes.

So as the days pass by, the left's defeat morphs into a nastiness. One gearing up and headed for Union stirring, for the five years to come, of bullying and hatred against all who despise their small minded ugliness. Note well the number of Head Teachers paraded whose obvious allegiances to leftard culture is so blatant. Their £100k a year the prize for raising the red flag over our schools, often alongside more sinister banners.

Still, we must hold close the fact that our fellow citizens moved right considerably more than the chatterati are prepared to admit. Ergo it is likely the bullies may not be well tolerated and find their grip on the leftard cretins will only alienate the electorate further. If that comes about then McCluskey's ilk may well damage further any vestiges of credibility Labour have left.

We can live in hope for at least the next five years!      

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