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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Briefly Unoppressed.

What A Change.

To know hardship, be aspirational but knocked back by some £100,000 of pension savings, by Labour, by life's cruel fate and yet still strive for contentment and the retention of hope, for a final few years of peace, is never easy. Particularly when faced by the socialist, draconian, delusional Labour mantra of unfairness and redistribution of everything, including hope and total government.

This May we witness the backtracking, hypocritical machinations of that awful socialist elite. Suddenly forelock tugging to the Nation who violently rejected decades of class war and the politics of unaspirational envy. To see Harperson cowed, slumped and beaten, despite Marr's promise of cunnilingus as a balm and sop, was quietly pleasurable.

We are now some three weeks into the postmortem of a Party just days ago telling us that that son of creepy, weird, Stalinist, refugee, interlopers walked on water. Telling us all his brotherly back stabbing, aided by "king maker" McCluskey , was somehow Christ eternal. Well look at the victor, Cameron. Well bred, bright, intelligent and genuine in his desire to help everybody. 

Naive, perhaps. Loathed by the leftards for sure. Possibly as great a triumph against those same irrational and IS like Maggie nasties. Whatever your station in life, your age or gender, this is a time of hope and even of joy. We are to have a say on the EUSSR. We have a reasonable management in charge unhampered by a bunch who claimed Cyril was John The Baptist.

Best of all, the left is in disarray.They are telling us Burnham is the next Messiah. Sure, we all believe that, especially in Mid-Staffs. If he does become the next dismal offering from those who insist they know best about everything, God be praised. The man is a parody of all that is stupid about the left's illogical obsession with making everything unequal somehow equal. As long as their superior, lofty hypocrisy gives them power and wealth above all others.

So, this weekend, I am full of hope. I pray that will seep into all our citizens and they desert the left in droves. Have a great five years of potential common sense, as Clegg and Edstone are consigned to the dustbin of failed leftard philosophy! If that's too long, enjoy tomorrow, free to aspire without guilt.

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