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Friday, 8 May 2015

Barely Staying Awake.

The Pup Did Not Enjoy A Sleepless Night. 

I had a struggle, along with the pup, in staying awake through the joyous return to a right wing dominated Government. Sure it's a small majority but there is much to cheer, even if some small setbacks.

The real "nasty Party" pummeled is quite wonderful. Frau Merkel's sidekicks in the EUSSR will be very concerned. Then there was Balls looking as though he'd been stung in the gob by a wasp. Wee Dougie, preening his conceited belief he was to be Foreign Secretary today, out of a job he considered he had sole entitlement to. Beaten by a young lass, just marvellous! The moments of pure ecstasy just went on and on. Cleggy, such deflation from the puffed up bloke spewing garbage endlessly, just a few hours earlier.

I'm too tired to post much in the way of logic or other kinds of observations. So tired I am unable to determine my number one best happening of the last 24 hours but the total inability of the polls to forecast the result is a big contender. That and the BBC's failure to handle the devastating news which the exit poll predicted.

Anyhow, a fabulous result and UKIP did do well even if Farage was hunted down by a Tory/Labour united pack. As for David Cameron. I don't expect to refer to him ever again as "Camoron".  A brilliant result and a powerful kicking for the leftard hordes of unpleasant people. Well done indeed. 

One final thought, David Cameron should bid for the EdStone and place it in his own Oxfordshire garden, inscribed, alongside Milibad's signature, "In Memoriam"!  


  1. Tired here too, sleep pattern all over the place. Pleased Miliband has gone and many of his pals though.

  2. I would hardly call Cameron and his chums Conservatives, let alone "right wing". The reality is that Cameron will do precisely nothing about the EU, nothing about uncontrolled mass immigration and nothing about the transformation of the country about which none of us plebs were ever consulted. If he offers a vote on the EU, it will be either so anodyne or so gerrymandered as to be meaningless. And it seems crazy that, for UKIP, 3.5 million votes = 1 MP. The only thing I take comfort from is that Labour were defeated and it will be a long time, if ever, before they return to power.

  3. No, not Camoron which distorts a fine Highland name; rather, I think of him as The Spiv.

  4. When I heard Vince Cable had been defeated I cheered, it made my night.