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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Deputy Prime Minister.

One Of Many Fruitcakes!

Yet another dangerous "commie" and taker of public money. However she did her makeover, it will have cost a fortune. From frump to riches. Expensive clothes, hair, make up and so on. Now this ghastly leftie is already, as far as she's concerned, about to insist Salmond gets Cleggie's job in return for pulling Milibad's strings.

If you doubt my interpretation of these peoples' selfish and greedy ambition, check out hubbies nice little earner. No wonder we have a political class of useless and moronic individuals. Not least those like Sturgeon and Nutterly Bennett, looking to get rid of our nuclear weapons on the eve the Islamic lot are close to having their own.

On the theme of useless politicos, consider the state of the World today and EUSSR meddling. Aided and abetted by the likes of Bliar in Iraq, Cameron in Libya. Somebody understood the need for hard line governance of these tribes but none of those we have elected in the last 18 years. One world leader did, Vlad.

Of all the consequences our lot never once stopped to consider, the mass migration of people out of the dump we have made The Middle East and Africa, is one of the most obvious. As our billions in aid feeds the despots and terrorists, we are forced to feel guilty at our justifiable fear of those hordes flooding Europe. We can be totally certain that many thousands of these migrants will be terrorists, hell bent on sneaking into our Country to further their colonial, racist ambitions. 

Still, I suppose the coming Labour/SNP coalition will speed up our demise and we can more rapidly become a dictatorship under sharia law. Maybe then our immigration policy will become obvious rather than the stealth employed to date. Furthermore one might hope our own white underclass will be quickly sorted, under Islamic State punishment programmes and immigration from "white" European Countries would cease! Vote Labour, get SNP followed by I.S.!

Thank God my grandchildren live in Australia.


  1. Is there anything the never ending line of quisling dhimmi judas's, following aiding and compounding lucifer bliars shining examples, haven't made a complete pigs ear of.