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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Damp Squib.

Where's The Fireworks?

I have already touched on the 2010 lack lustre campaign by the Tories and its re-run now, here in 2015. On SKEU news this morning Martin Sorrel bemoaned the same observation. Cameron's expression above sums up his probable appetite for elections he may consider are an irrelevance.

I have it on very good authority he is generally a very charming, nice bloke. However he seems to posses an air of entitlement to power and greatness with scant regard as to how to earn or prove he deserves to be a leader, looked up to and voted for by an electorate.

His public persona seems only capable of squashing any passion in his would be supporters, let alone attracting others. It is unfathomable that an identical stroll into stalemate is being repeated. The paucity of Labours' credibility and their gurning leader, Milibad, is blatantly on show. A team made up of the remnants of Bliar and Gordon Snot's wrecking ball team of just five short years ago, is running rings round Cameron's almost invisible campaign by numbers.

Several times now Labour have been caught out in full on lies and deceitful manipulation. The food bank numbers fiddle, the blacking out of a floundering Labour health spokesman, Jamie Reed, the rigged BBC audience and the orchestrated "Femdom" twitter account to big up "sex god" Milibad. It appears that whatever lies Labour trot or ridiculous stunts they pull, their very utterance gives them credibility with voters and the media. The limp wristed reaction from the Tory side is just utterly without impact.

Over his time in Office, wrested from disaster, unelected and to a certain extent, undeserved, at least by his election campaign inadequacies, Cameron has been relatively successful. Other than his poor judgement in selecting the likes of Coulson to have around him. Thank heaven for George Osborne's place in Number 11. 

I suspect Cameron's slavish adherence to Lynton Crosby, as a strategist, may well be a possible explanation for the problems. Either he was a spent force in 2010 or certainly is now. Unless Crosby's efforts and strategy are being ignored by closer friends of Cameron and his "attack dog" status negated, his teeth pulled, Crosby must remain the fall guy for this second in a row rubbish, uninspirational and pathetic inability to destroy Labours' highly dubious and nasty tactics. Even the socialist influenced media seem unconcerned when their tricks are exposed.

One thing we can be certain of. In the face of a coordinated, EUSSR funded vilification of UKIP, they have still and continue to give us, some backbone and fireworks. Farage calling out the BBC and their twisted audience selection was brilliant. It was then followed up with evidence, research and passion to show up an organisation Cameron just either fawns over one day, or loses his rag another.

As I post, the latest Government borrowing figures are announced. An excellent result but one Labour will call out as rubbish and trump this success with some blustering, over publicised, rebuttal given more credibility than factual evidence.

So there we have it. Apart from the UKIP performance, we are plodding towards an SNP run Government fronted by s Marxist, hypocritical, wealthy bully and Union run figurehead. A PM who will be run ragged by his paymaster, McCluskey and Chief of Staff, Sturgeon. A team happy to break up the UK into Federal entities of a European Socialist Republic. Scotland leading the way after being given the freedom to do so by Bliar. International Man Of  Political Wealth through despot nurturing.

One final point in my essay of despair as to the neutered, pale and failing campaign by the Tories. The SNP tapped into national fervour to successfully remove any meaningful opposition to their rise to power. First, as Labour hoped, Tories were all but removed from Scotland. Less expected was that Labour would possibly suffer the same fate.

So nationalistic fervour was tapped into in Scotland and massaged by all and sundry as wonderful. South of the border, English national passion, loyalty and concern for identity was driven underground. Mocked as far right extremism and treated worse than Asian grooming, abuse and rape of white children. Mostly in Labour controlled areas. Have we once heard Scottish nationalism described as racist or far right?

So, on Saint George's day, no one in the Tory Party has picked up any lessons shown by the SNP success. Lumbering on blindly, into oblivion, now South of the border, too, it appears the Tory Party have no ambition to survive and only UKIP offer any kind of hope for the future of the UK and its majority constituent, England.

Shame on David Cameron and all those complicit in the nightmare approaching, as he and his "team" snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. One created from  the hard work of the population, to help the Cobbleition temporarily stem the economic ruin always produced by socialism and their hateful dogma. For want of passion and strategic excellence, we are back in a Dunkirk position but without a passionate, loyal and United Kingdom armada, to come to the rescue.

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