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Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Child Abuse Industry.

Should The Pimping Of Children Be Taxable?

In the middle of a faux election campaign child abuse is totally ignored. Given that  the EUSSR decided drugs and prostitution are worthy of a tax levy then, since child exploitation by adults is as rife and commercial, should this also be added to the Sodom and Gomorrah nature of our authoritarian shite in the upper echelons of our paedophile practitioners and powerful.

After all, it's all about money, this election. So where money is regularly changing hands as frequently as kids are passed around like chattel,  I would expect such a successful industry heavily supported by those in power and the wealthy children's homes bosses and owners, to receive endorsement from the political classes. "Vote for us, especially Asian child pimps and groomers, we'll make your industry even richer and no tax, as a promise"!

How ironic as one of their own, this very morning, is calmly let off facing charges as a Rotherham children's Home worker relates, in fear of her safety, harrowing details as to how children were and still are farmed out for rape, abuse and the terrible halitosis that is the stench of this activity.

Not one Party leader has vowed to stamp on this grotesque and systemic abuse. Jenner let off purely so he doesn't rope in those he shared his sickening depravity with and who probably are yanking the strings of election campaigns safe, in their cocoon of invincibility. At least UKIP did mention child safety, albeit briefly. The rest, sworn to silence between them. 

Where, one wonders, are their wives and daughters. Or the women candidates? Why do they fail to push their anger and disgust on these matters? Are they all as tolerant of this "trade" as Harperson?

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