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Friday, 10 April 2015

Still Boring.

Just As The EUSSR Like It.

My belief that this and the previous four elections are heavily underwritten by our EUSSR "friends" gets ever more likely and it is a view shared by many. As in this archive. Interestingly featuring a graphic from this blog!

Much of that which I was going to write is already done so in that link. Not least the shameless vilification of UKIP. I am still hopeful that this casual dismissiveness and the steadfast collusion by the Establishment traitors to not discuss immigration, the destruction of our fishing fleets or anything which puts their EU masters in the spotlight, will backfire.

The Labour placements in the Doctors' BMC whinge on about pressure on GPs and the difficulties in the NHS, whilst never mentioning the overwhelming demand comes from immigration. Including that from the EU. The same as with education and housing. Even though most of the electorate are desperate to know how these failings are to be corrected, nought on these matters is forthcoming.

As the interminably boring campaign unfolds, with the EU backed irrelevance much to the fore we can but hope that some mega shocks might happen on the day. Certainly, so far, the requirement to neuter and bore us all is being very successful.

I love the idea of the SNP wiping out Labour in Scotland but here there are doubts and fears. Sturgeon says she will do all in her gift to keep out the Tories, regardless of their 30% plus support in the polls. Few UKIP voters will want Labour wrecking the Country again but this poisonous woman arrogantly dismisses what amounts to close on 50% of voters if you add Tory and UKIP together. Some democracy.

Once more I suggest that the SNP plus Labour would be a construct close to the hearts of the EU project for Federal status. Milibad gives away Scotland to take power in Westminster and as a start of the EU regionalisation, this United Kingdom is mortally wounded. Probably done with a promise to Milibad and or Sturgeon of some mega post in the EUSSR in the future. 

So, if we consider some of these issues, the reason for the stale, boring lack of excitement and the inevitable dead hand of Europe happily massaging the progress towards their aims and enslavement of we British, looks as good a reason as any for the lack of spark.

As for the media, Sky and the BBC are in hock to the Europeans, the BBC millions are matched by Murdoch's ambitions in a manner which precludes any EU bashing. Indeed one can see why UKIP struggle to make any breakthrough when such combined forces lead every one of us by the nose. 

This is how dictatorship is forming and the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are all signed up for it.   


  1. When she was in the depths of despair, my Mother used to say "Jesus wept"

    All I can say at the moment is "Jesus wept" - what is happening to our country?

  2. Cheer up. It could/may be even worse...

  3. Illuminati polka defuses dissent of any kind quite nicely. Still fails to explain the EU Commissions grip on our lives, though.