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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Same Old, Same Old.

What Election Campaign?

Is this the most boring election ever? At first reading, plus the comment section in this link, you might well think it was published today, let alone 10 years since. Indeed ever since 1997 our elections have been notable by the predictability of the polls and one other factor.

That second factor is the dead hand of Europe and the stifling of any discussion on the reality of how much we are governed from Germany via Brussels. Add to this  many other deliberately avoided issues that never arise, the manner the Leaders only campaign in front of "safe" audiences and it just gets more and more dull.

UKIP and Farage add some welcome colour, Labours' possible drubbing in Scotland and their already decided collusion with their victors, the SNP, all add a smidgen of interest but little of import where our welfare, prosperity and freedom is concerned.

The smug, self satisfied media and their cohorts from the polling companies also adds to the air of  sameness and unrepresentative of voters' wishes aura that has dogged our EUSSR orchestrated elections for decades. 

Where are the representatives and victims of the Mid-Staffs and NHS Trust scandals heard and debated? Where are the apologies for the Cyril Smith like scandals, Asian grooming gangs and foreign policy disasters begun by Bliar and continued by the just dissolved Cobbleition? 

As for the economy. We, the electorate, were required to fund bank bailouts under Labour and that gross caricature of an unelected chancer, Brown. Savings were devalued significantly, our economy fell of a cliff and it's miraculous how, in just five years, we have recovered a little of that nightmare position. 

Yet how little this comes up and how few times the continued wealth of many of the banking architects of our penury and austerity remain aloof from the fallout and their wealth grows inexorably. Yet again the self interest of those in power and their donors goes unremarked and ignored. No doubt since many of these matters lead back to Brussels.

HS2, another EUSSR vanity project for high speed rail links from North Scotland to Marseilles and points South, no mention or real debate as to the cost. The SNP rail on about Trident, still no serious debate. It is a huge expense but as it's potential cancellation is spoken quietly of, Iran and terrorist acquisition of such weapons gets ever closer.

So many important matters and factors capable of affecting our lives dramatically. As for mass immigration overwhelming our NHS, housing requirements and school places, shhhhhhhhhhh....................

As so often over the years our elections are dull and boring. Deliberately so and colluded by all the parties, the Whitehall machine and our Masters from Europe. Our freedom to choose what we wish for our Nation, soon to be subsumed into a Federal State, was lost when Enoch Powell was destroyed by that very same Establishment. Shame on all of them bar Farage.

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