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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

One Law For Some, Another For Others.

Hypocrisy Supreme. 

The media, in cahoots with Brussels, regard with disdain any demonstrable pride and belief in one's roots and Country of birth, if England. The bile wretched over UKIP is an example of this intellectual snobbery, which flies in the face of human nature.

The picture above featured in a typical stance on English Nationalism  describing it as "the depressing rise of English nationalism". What beggars belief in these holier than thou articles is the smug superiority employed. One with little sense of who or why such nationalism has arisen.

It is all so single minded in the sheer antipathy to all things English. In wondering why this is so, consider how differently Welsh and Scottish patriotism and nationalism has been nurtured, for expected political gain, by particularly the left. How ironic that this approach may see Labour wiped out in Scotland and maybe Wales in May!

I also suggest that, during 13 years in power, Labour took and still do, their core vote for granted. Large chunks of bum bitten out might be the end product of that error. We can but hope and it is looking very possible. The beneficiaries likely to be UKIP and Tory. Both more worthy than any others, on balance. The English conservative character, for once, becoming heard.

I still bemoan the softly, softly, kid glove, sanctimonious attitude to all things Plaid Cymru or SNP. How any hint of "Englishness" is seen as "far right", "little englander", or to be vilified and despised, along with fascism. 

That recent history has shown British and English tolerance, to enforced mass immigration and multi-culturalism forced down peoples' throats, at great expense to all parties, has been and still is not recognised in it's shameful nastiness.

That the Welsh and Scottish people have lived very well off English success, as an economic power, remains unspoken. That all things run by socialists and Labour are a mess also goes unnoticed. That is except when English hospitals have to pick up the fallout of Welsh NHS mismanagement. As for Scottish Independence, that was also meant to have all the goodies and trappings of going it alone but with the begging bowl still to hand. 

Even during this election campaign the SNP are likely to attempt to engineer the expulsion of Trident as a price for supporting an unwanted Labour regime. Plus quite a lot more "wealth distribution" to be snaffled for Salmond and Sturgeon to buy Scottish Independence. Albeit they will want to keep the pound if it suits at the time.

So why should the English roll over and acquiesce to so much of that coveted by the SNP? All that they are doing is resurrecting centuries old antagonism and probable civil strife not seen on these Isles for centuries. Purely for selfish, personal motivation and political power. 

Why should the EDL, or the Cross of Saint George be any less than the SNP or Saltire? Nationalism is part of identity. It sure as hell beats globalisation or rule from Brussels and Germany.


  1. How refreshing to find someone, somebody, who actually cares
    about the down-trodden British. The real Brits from many past
    generations, not the post-war immigrants made valid for political
    gain. The Scots, always a lead-weight weight to our economy, are
    now trying to leverage a position where they might influence our
    post election Parliament. Never forget, it was an escaped, convicted
    Scottish murderer who weaselled his way into the French government
    and almost bankrupted the nation before he fled. Read your history
    books, stop the Scots from getting anything resembling power at

  2. Well said Sir. May the traitors be shot.

  3. I'm not EDL or BNP, but I'm definitely an English Nationalist and bloody proud of it!