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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Milibad, A Divisive, Nasty, Treacherous, Marxist Female Genetalia.

Of All The Nasty Policies And Lies On Offer.

Will Milibad be visiting this guy for a cosy chat before or post election? A way of currying favour with his desperately needed Muslim vote? A sector of our ever increasing electorate to be given, under Milibad and Sturgeon, their own hate legislation. 

Like father, like son. This ghastly and cretinous Marxist seems to have the same hatred for the UK as his father is reported as having had. That notwithstanding, unless the grip on our lives by the EUSSR, media backed and paid for, propaganda, is understood and broken by the people voting next week, fear will become a part of our daily lives.

The combined influence of the BBC punditry and BSKB crowd, the everlasting stream of left wing instruction in their ears poured forth slavishly by presenters scared of losing their huge pay cheques, happily ensure such madness spouted by the left goes unchallenged.

If these grossly fearful utterances were made in support of white, Christian belief and their Islamic murderers given the status imposed on they, as for it planned to be on us, even more beheading would be witnessed. How and why this move by Marxist Ed has been given scant attention just proves, were more proof needed, Big Brother is a alive and well. His thought police backed by a Gestapo Islamic Brigade of cutthroats throughout Europe.

Vote Labour, get Islamic Fundamentalism and racist attacks under the guise of so called religion.

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  1. Vote Labour, get 4 ton of shit dropped on your head from a great height!

    Will we never learn? Probably not...