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Friday, 3 April 2015

Media Mayhem.

Salivating Over Their Own Perceived Importance.

How apt the quote illustrated. Bliar and his cronies such as Mandleson, Campbell and that shower. Now represented by Milibad and his ilk. Clegg racing down the same path to delusion over perceived success. David Cameron seems less of that persuasion and I quite liked his reserved approach to the debate last evening.

That Milibad came over as so cocksure he has the answers to all of the woes inflicted by he and his lot, when in power for 13 years, was totally reflective of the quote. Someone labelled Bennet "Nuttily", a perfect nickname, just as full of "I know best".  As for the next EUSSR President, Sturgeon, just wait and see.

Now for Farage. The HIV link was unnecessary. Better his common sense on housing shortages and demand for the NHS from mass immigration being unsustainable and stupidly pathetic. A very unconvincing nod from Milibad that they, Labour, had learnt their lesson over gerrymandering with mass immigration. In essence they will already be preparing for hundreds of thousands of Turks arriving to bolster the Islamic threat as Turkey is brought into the largess of socialist robbery of the successful to finance the feckless.

The joint pact between Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels and the media may be coincidental but there really is an effort to squash EUSSR debate and the associated immigration facts. Sadly Farage, good though he was, was unable to breakthrough with the reality of our being governed from Brussels/Berlin and this election is a confidence trick designed to aid a Federal eventuality.

Still with six other politicians lined up like a gang of playground bullies to force any hint of their failure to govern for the rest of us, rather than their own secret agendas, their lack of preparedness to tell the truth, of where they are taking us, remained as elusive as ever. Despite Farage's best efforts.

These same people are already meeting behind closed doors to carve up the post election scenario to their own personal, best option advantages. This will include secret suppers with "Nuttily", Nicola Satan  Sturgeon in particular feted by the Harman set but all desperate to freeze out Farage. Yet all of the dubious polling has Nige and his "Peoples' Army" on anything from 9% (Labour biased polls) and 19-23 per cent in others.

However, as with last night, it's all orchestrated and conducted with behind the scenes mendacity we can but imagine. Of all the aspects never discussed is the UKIP factor. My belief is there is a strong possibility the Labour support base will go UKIP far harder than anyone expects. If, as I hope, I am right in this forecast, then Labour will get as big if not bigger shock than in 2010.

If the electorate are as sensible as last time round, then we just might see, as elsewhere in Europe, a backlash against the socialist, holier than thou, luvvy licked lefties. A sharp blow to the hypocritical self importance of the left is long overdue, may it be in May 2015!

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  1. The HIV quip i thought a bit off too, however with the debate being 6 of the one and one of the other, with questions carefully selected in order not to give Farage a platform to tell it as it is, he probably felt compelled to use shock to wake the by then sleeping TV audience up.

    Nothing to see here, move along now, not one of the 6 clones raised so much as eyebrow about Cameron/Clogg raising of the national debt to 1.5 Trillion whilst claiming to have fixed the economy, it could almost be someone else's money these people are throwing about like confetti..oh hang on it is someone else's, ours.

    Oh joy, another 5 years of the tory economic miracle to look forward too, another 2.5 million immigrants, and the endless moaning of those who voted, turkey like for their very own Christmas by voting for the main two tweedle dee/dum parties, and after all these years of it happening without fail they're still surprised when their own Dec 25th dawns, you couldn't make it up.