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Monday, 13 April 2015

Manifest Lies.

Manifesto Toilet Paper.

A rare moment when he's not telling porkies. Though the banner belies his time in power. He had A crap plan back then and his "climate change" policies are giving us a dreadful future now and ongoing.

Remember this 2005 manifesto? As the clowns roll out their propaganda this week just reflect on the sheer chutzpah and breathtaking nature of their fictional publications. Ones paraded with grimaces of pretend sincerity and solemnity. Facial expressions racked with colossal effort to sell something they know is a con.

In fairness to the Tories they do suggest there are still tough times ahead. However, just as Labour and the LibDum Chief Pinocchio, Clegg, Cameron and his "advisers", aware of the still dire state of our public borrowing and deficit, compiled by Labour over 13 years, will also fail to give us the unvarnished truth. 

Ergo, the Tory manifesto will not tell us the plans for fiscal difficulties still to be overcome. Mind you, in fairness, their five years have been miraculous and we can but pray Red Ed the Gurner, won't get to unleash Porky Plural Cojones on us with their socialist wrecking balls.

Anyhow, whatever the outcome in May, we will still be a European Union Soviet Republic, with mass continued immigration, a tax regime necessary to supply a worldwide demand for our NHS, education, housing, state benefits and mayhem. We will still face further increases to the extortion money, in the guise of membership fees, demanded by the bag men collectors from Berlin/Brussels, for them to build more palaces to the worship of a bureaucratic regime of unelected despots.

As far as I am aware there is only one Party stating their desire to leave Europe and regain control of our own Country. Sadly I doubt the British wish to do anything but what Turkey's would not. Vote for Christmas. The media will act over these manifestos like the slaughter men with the Turkeys. Concerned only with doing what they're paid for, with scant regard for their victims. That is what their slaughter house bosses demand.

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