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Monday, 27 April 2015

Lies And Deep Seated Nastiness.

The Real Red In Tooth And Claw Ed.

"When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightening or in rain?"

Here is a truthful utternace from a plotical dominatrix. As much as I despise this porridge guzzler socialist I do adore the unintended consequences the socialist meddling clumsily with devolution, to wreck Tory seats in Scotland, has brought about. That Red Ed, Union puppet oaf, had the bare faced ability to lie, clearly and unequivocally, was trotted out over the weekend.

The ghastly, typical Marxist stance that any of their utterances are somehow sacrosanct and given, is loathsome. None more so when they lie constantly and blithely present themselves in complete denial as to their gross negligence of the Nation and in particular the NHS avoidable deaths.

As Labour struggle to come up with more ridiculous giveaways to seduce the gullible fools in the Jeremy Kyle like mass population of council estates, the lies come thick and fast. The firm economic leadership spoken of is regarded as fact, by its mere statement, by the bought and paid for, EUSSR propaganda machinery. The BBC and BSKYB both in hock to Brussels/Berlin.

We can but hope that, as people enter the polling booth, this one opportunity to smack hard the Establishment bent on total dominance and control over their existence, will hit home and the LibLabCon cosy comfort zone blown away. 

That Labour are already drawing up their agreements with the SNP is a given. Even their stupidity has some measure of understanding of the inevitability of a repeat 2010 result. So to ignore a potential shoe in, into that desperate need for power and control, would be negligent of those so desperate to have Milibad back in Government.

This ugly mug, for one. Even he has told Sturgeon Labour belongs to him. Here's another fissure in a satanic possible outcome of the election. If we factor that into the nightmare of an already primed alliance of the socialist danger mice, Sturgeon and Milibad, the fear factor becomes unbearable!

Even though I have little faith in Cameron, I see him as a far superior human being, in the character stakes. A Tory led continuation of the stewardship of the last, almost miraculous, five years would be preferable to the Pol Pot tendencies of the left and the folk discussed. 

If we were to then add Nigel Farage as an MP, rousting the pompous superiority of Parliament, pointing out when EUSSR doctrine is peddled as UK law making and speaking for a majority of those who care deeply about the UK, what's not to like? Not long to wait. I'm still expecting UKIP to confound the chatterati but I am a "half full" person, deep down. Often disappointed!

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