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Friday, 24 April 2015

Labour, SNP written, Budget,May, 2015.

Some Likely New Tax Rises, Post Election.

I am a great fan of the Coalition's and George Osborne's five years of stewardship of the economy. Despite Labours' ignorant, dogma led, irresponsible, social engineering at huge cost, some semblance of fairness to all and a reasonable, miraculous,  recovery, against all odds. 

My only regret is their Leaders, Clegg and Cameron, have been so awful in implementing other policies. Particularly the mass migration issue and the burden of this impact on our society and infrastructure. All driven from Brussels to dilute Nationalism. Hasn't worked in Scotland, it seems.

So to the cost of yet more social engineering and theft, from the hardworking, savers and pensioners, necessary to fund the next round of Labour/SNP vote purchasing with your money. A task likely to hurt beyond measure if the major corporations follow the possible fleeing of HSBC and the collapse of capital the consequence of such flight. We'll then see how false and stupid Milibad's attacks on "big, bad" business and banks is meaningless as employment soars once more under Marxist politics of envy and dictatorship.

So, brace for council tax bands reassessed at present day values and subsequent rises in line with house price inflation. Over five years of Labour council tax will overtake mortgage monthly payments.

Then fuel duty escalator back, under that deceitful guise of "saving the planet". Overnight everything we buy, moved by road, will go up. On top of any other government tax increases on the old group of targeted pleasures and "luxury" goods.

Beer, wine and spirits will be giver retrospective duty rises circa 25%. Just you see. Add the extra burden of transport fuel increases, expect 30% or more.

New terminology will be introduced to hide other rises. An NHS levy on National Insurance for example. Also energy price freezes will be "offset" by increased "green taxes", so loved by socialists pretending to be noble and altruistic as they destroy lives and savings.

Remember Prescott's idea to tax homes with hard won beautiful gardens and views across the countryside?  Or this, likely to be resurrected raid, with the probable tax take benefit for government, more Prescott nastiness.

Where else will they go to plunder the Nation? Air travel passenger tax for sure. Gatwick will be expanded massively, to ruin swathes of West Sussex and the perceived luxury London commuter belt. 

That's just a taster. VAT may well be expanded but Labour will wring their hands and tell us they had no choice under EUSSR edict to break manifesto "pledges". A tactic already in place but kept secret.

I'm sure there is much, much more pain than my small effort can determine. Despite a cloak of "soaking the rich", as ever, the politics of envy always hit the already poor most. Also remember the bribes and blackmail funds to be found to keep the SNP sweet and Milibad in his unelected, Cameron style, squat in Downing Street.

As I watch Milibad's growing, smug, Kinnock like confidence I am at a loss how still Cameron and the Tories are sleepwalking to defeat. As I posted yesterday, there is no fire or passion. No belief or solid, hard hitting passion to demolish Labours' lies, incompetence and huge tax rises we can expect.

One glimmer of hope this morning. A Survation poll shows a hint of my own suspicions. Labour dip to 29% as their support, in the light of higher taxation fears, more mass immigration and a return to the years of Snotpicker economics, begin to enter people's consciousness. That, allied to the fact traditional Labour and Tory voters have an alternative, less partisan, option in UKIP.

The same Survation poll gives UKIP 18%. Likely reflecting the desertion from Labour as well as Tory voters. Watch out for Labour starting to counter vote Labour get SNP attacks with vote UKIP get Tory. Despite the reality that if 18% vote UKIP they will, eventually, if not until 2020, get UKIP!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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