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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Islamic State Manipulation Of The Bleeding Heart Industry.

What Fools Our "Leaders" Are.

This image is one of hundreds which show the I.S. Trojan horse that is their tactic of flooding our shores with their supporters and fighters. Instead of a horse, the infiltration is behind a handful of women and children which allow our pathetic media to posture as saviours of the world in their gushing outpourings of grief.

Religion is still used by those who would rule the World, as a weapon of control and a justification for the few who seek power at any cost. This applies every bit for the Western abuse of Christian philosophy as the brutal behaviour of I.S. We are further down the road in creating a facade of civilised decency but we have our own examples of the barbaric evil now in the headlines.

The Crusaders knew their only hope of suppression of Muslim tribal, genocidal blood lust was to meet it with identical cruelty and violence. Then we had Nazi unimaginable evil in the 1930s and 1940s. After placing our own youth in Vietnam and exposing them to the single minded cruelty of that conflict, we were surprised when such as My Lai took place.  Even more recently we had the Abu Ghrab incidents.

My point is that the awful, deep seated instinct of human beings is survival of the fittest. That instinct is bound up with a consequential need to band together in "tribes" to enable support and protection of food, land and even child bearing young women. We are into primeval, deep seated nature which, when things go pear shaped, rule the actions taken.

Thus many futuristic, fictional settings are steeped in what happens to human society when the veneer of civilisation and one big, fat, global Utopia proves, inevitably, to be unattainable. Think of the Mad Max series of films. So is the present state of our World reflecting the likely outcome of efforts to gain global dominance?

However, back to the present issues de jour and the mass exodus from Africa and the Middle East. For I.S. it is a win, win campaign of expulsion. It gives them a way of loading down the West with their own unwanted "tribes". It allows them to funnel thousands of infiltrators into European centres and in addition they are paid by those expelled, on pain of death, if they don't cough up.

This marries well with my theory that 9/11 was every bit a successful economic weapon deployed as a terrorist driven fear attack. In much the same way I.S. lumber the West with the financial cost of rescue, accommodation, food and shelter, on an enormous scale, whilst stripping those fleeing of any money or jewelry. Then they also have their own controlled route to the West, for purposes, we know well, are not beneficent!

Let us not be carried away by those playing the "bleeding heart", guilt ridden obsession that somehow it's all the fault of White, mainly Christian ideals, which have successfully shaped 20th century values but are now vilified by the secular nightmare of socialist, self righteousness. Remember, just like an automatic rifle, religion kills no one, it's those who pull the "triggers".

When our leaders in the West set out to intervene in other Nations' affairs, nought but disaster follows such stupidity. We fawn over and cultivate despots when it suits us, such as the Saudi dynasty and now the provocative installation of a Ukraine President. The latter a foolish red rag to the Muslim States around the Globe.

The answer to the migration issue across the Med is there to be seen. My mucker, Dioclese, points us in the direction of a common sense approach. One which has reduced the death toll considerably further than our soft, weak, faux Christian values methods. Bear in mind this latter approach is done under a secular guise and designed as part of the spread of multi cultural social engineering, to water down white National identities. Every bit as racist as anything the Klu Klux Clan engendered.

As for the future. Alliances which can work are to be applauded. Russia a powerful friend to nurture, a dangerous enemy to make. Much as Saddam and Gadaffi were of similar ilk. Assad, regardless of the Saudi indifference and determination to oust him, is a better tool to curb I.S. than the House of Saud. 

Their, the Saudi's tribal self interest and unholy relationship with Turkey is certainly not in our interests. It might be for the EUSSR/US corporate manipulators and their expansionist, multi cultural ambition, in embracing Turkey. For you and I it will be another source of unfettered immigration. One, with the Saudis, enabling I.S. yet another route to enter the West.

Not difficult to link our relationship with the Saudis. The wealth garnered by our hierarchy, to keep them sweet, is enabling I.S. to run rings round us. We constantly back the wrong horses, then set loose the dogs of the UN funded "bleeding" heart industry. Note well the "Rainbow" Nation's inevitable descent into chaos, ably backed by UN and socialist encouragement. More source for mass migration to the West. The export of strife, in the long term.

The price is not worth paying, with the lives being sacrificed in the Mediterranean, to cover the movement of Islamic infiltrators into our midst and the interest of the Sunni tribes to dominate the Shiite tribes of Iran and the Middle East power struggles, set off by our destabilising the region so spectacularly badly. Who, if either, should we support? Sunni or Shiite?

For our Western leaders it will remain the one which offers Western corporate interests the best short term income levels. For the planet, per se, it should be neither  and the West should join with China and Russia in making it clear the power and will can be made to stop the Middle East running our lives and our World. Fat chance.

Time is well overdue for a show of strength. The Australian example is the least worst option. The very worst one is to flood already overwhelmed EU Countries with never ending millions of would be terrorist, hard core I.S. activists. Guess which way we are being led?

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  1. I am convinced that the only person in the present government with any balls is Teresa May but I think she would do more if she wasn't being held back.

    If Cameron gets chucked out then she's a better bet than Boris. Mind you, a monkey would be a better bet than Boris...

    We need someone like Tony Abbott don't we? None of this current lot on either side inspire me with any confidence except Farage and he's not going to get a majority and more than the rest of them.