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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Election. What Election?

Who's Paying The Pipers?

Ever since 1997 the Tories have floundered with election campaigns. 2015 is little different. I cannot understand how weak their, the Tories, attack on Labours' economic incompetence in the 2010 campaign was so poor. Nevertheless the electorate knew how awful, tribal and in cahoots with thieving bankers Labour were. So, for once and to their credit, woke up.

With little success by the alleged Tory opposition to hit the open nets of the socialists' usual economic collapse, the voters gave Labour a deserved drubbing. The combined might of the BBC, in hock to EUSSR funding, Sky likewise and Jon "Stalinmao" Snow at Commie Channel 4, let alone the rest of the London chatterati, were unable to save Labour.

The 2010 defeat, however, of Labour was less obvious due to Cameron's abject, weak campaign, failing to give him a mandate to rule. Thus significant tooing and froing was done ending in an uncomfortable cobbleition. Even so this arrangement has been amazingly successful in restoring some semblance of economic competence.

Yet after weeks of campaigning not one big theme based on how the Nation has together allowed a sensible and prudent Chancellor to recover a dire scenario has been developed and hammered home. Cameron comes across as constantly pleading for approval. "Don't let Labour ruin the economic plan", now we are getting the mumbled hint of fear for an SNP/Labour coalition. One already in place even if under typical smoke screens of half truths, subterfuge and quasi technical phrases to mask the actual pacts already made.

A brief look at Sturgeon's manifesto gives us clear Miliband and Trade Union flavours for unfettered spending on a further 5 years of buying votes with billions of borrowed money. Should this unholy alliance of far left nastiness come about we will have a collapse of our economy once more and yet again years of struggle to fix the damage. Supposing it can always be fixed.

Furthermore the string pullers in Berlin and Brussels will demand their cut of the engineered scenarios. More mass immigration, ever higher subscriptions to fund this gangster riven organisation. A more rapid growth of an EUSSR army.  One denied as even being planned by that commie moron, Milibad. Further destruction of any English desire for the same National pride inexplicably worshipped for the Scots and used to beat the English mugs funding our own demise.

There are so many useable, factual weapons with which to attack Labour, none picked up. Labour begin a week of NHS "weaponising" with zero questioning of the PFI economic sabotage of that organisation. Or the many NHS Trusts, under Labour, which were every bit as terrible as Mid-Staffs. Cameron touched on this during the first debate but then backed off.

Milibad was plonked on the BBC Breakfast sofa to pontificate over the mess in the Mediterranean, this morning. Again with zero mention of where this all began. Bliar and Labours' Iraq war now totally forgotten. This interview bordered on illegal bias by the BBC, during an election campaign, with Turnbull almost fellating the goofy twit. Maybe Evan Davies's searching interview was deemed needing of a recovery opportunity.

Sure Cameron's destruction of Bliar's mate, Gadaffi, was every bit as stupid as Bliar's sucking up to Bush to prevent release of information on Labours' private activities. OK, all of this is old stuff but surely there is fair ammunition to be found in 13 years of Labour incompetence.

Somehow only Miliband is getting full on air time. Farage and UKIP barely a mention, as the media gush and fawn over Sturgeon. A disgusting neglect of balanced reporting, aided by the wishy-washy lack of complaint from the Tories and Cameron. Indeed Farage's recent attack on the BBC's handpicked, majority of leftie nasties of an audience was vilified and laughed at by the cheerleader in chief, Dimblebore, only to be shown as a justifiable complaint.

The Tories and Cameron could have gained useful traction on that matter, when it was shown to be a gathering of Labour supporters and SNP camp followers put together to attack, unfairly and despicably, Farage. Little different to how they set up the BNP's Griffin. Even if there is justification for animosity, an avowed pledge of unbiased fairness by the BBC is an outright, unashamed lie.

Still, it would seem the Tory hierarchy just cannot function under Cameron's weak and limp leadership. He was poor in 2010 when Labours' glaring uselessness was on display like a lap dancer's wares, so why would he be any better this time round? Still, it would be nice if he made a fight of it and stopped rolling over and jumping sky high every time the opposition shout boo.

Time and time again Labour get exposure for unfunded, pathetic and often dishonest promises. Take this mornings rolling out of their NHS, deemed bazooka, weapon. What amounts to yet further political "re-organisation", slammed by Labour when attempted by the Government. 

No mention by Burnham, Balls or Milibad on the obscene pay awards and dubious pension rule bending by NHS bosses. You know why not? Many of those people were put in their jobs by Labour and will need to be on message if Sturgeon puts these shysters back in power.

Even that ghastly placement Nicholson might get his job back! So much ammunition for the Tories. Yet no effort to seize the initiative. Like a football team lacking passion, passing the ball back to the opposing side over and over again and surrendering every little bit of territory with listless nonchalance and lack of fire.

If UKIP had a fairer playing field, not one dug up by teams from every other party, their media pals and big fat juicy brown envelopes from Brussels, then the socialist, scary plans for a North Korean style regime under Sturgeon and her marionette, Milibad would be common knowledge. Instead we get a feint whimper from Cameron and a polite refusal to get stuck in.

If nothing else, the attack on Labours' economic record should be relentless and hammered home with facts from that era. The present economic frailty still rests with Gordon, snotpicker ignoramus, Brown and his team now running Labour. Here is a megaton weapon unused and forgotten.

We deserve better. As Nigel well knows.

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  1. I find it hard to disagree with anything you say. With Miliband and Balls to kick around, the Conservatives should be pissing all over Labour.

    Lab/SNP is all the Beeb are ramming down our throats. Their bias to UKIP and Conservatives is there for all to see.

    Five years of these cunts running the country would be even worse than the pathetic leadership Cameron is foisting on us, but even that pathetic limp wristedness would be preferable to the two Eds and Hitler in a kilt. At least Gideon seems to have a grip on what he's doing.

    The only consolation prize would be of Labour get in at least I might get a bit more interest on my savings - although they'd likely take all in tax!

    I am beginning to think this country is well and truly fucked.