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Saturday, 18 April 2015


Labour To Clamp Down On Immigration, You Think?

Milibad, three months on! "You think I meant one thing I said during the election campaign?"

Would you credit the ease with which Wallace gurned his way through this latest pack of made up, cretinous lies. Labour are, just like all the three main parties, besotted with destroying the culture and ethnicity of white people throughout all of Europe.

Note the talk of wicked employers exploiting migrant, cheap labour? What an ass of gross proportions. His social engineering, trailer trash benefit largess is the cause of so many of our woes. The answer, it seems, is to slag of "exploitative" employers unable to find Brits prepared to graft in menial, tough work. Brits happy to sit on their KFC, McMuck fed arses, paid benefits to become professors of obese fecklessness. 

I loathe our ruling classes with a passion for their wasteful dismissal of all I was taught to achieve to get a good life. Hard work, self reliance and lack of whining self pity that somehow being a waste of space is nothing to do with me. 

However the way leftards have brought this ghastly culture and society into being still remains a mystery. As immigrants overwhelm housing, the NHS and education, swell our cities with ghettos and drag an underclass, created by Labour and socialism, further into the gutter and homelessness, it is beyond me and still people vote for them. 

Do none of these people look around and realise our society is now so massively underprivileged and ruined by Labour, their future is nought but deprivation? I guess a schooling of propaganda and brainwashing has allowed the lobotomies required to be completed quietly and without fuss. What other reason can explain the mess our once proud UK has now found itself in.

Still, if Labour are wiped out in Scotland and the English come to their senses, we may yet see a tectonic shift come about. Glass half full, maybe?


  1. But the SNP are just Labour without the responsibility. They take credit for the good and blame 'Westminster' for the bad.

    It is like the EU in reverse, take the creit for the good, blame national governments for the bad.

  2. I suspect these late desperate and meaningless weasel words give us an insight to the true polling figures the parties apparatchiks will be seeing and the media not reporting.

    If it wasn't for UKIP immigration wouldn't be on the agenda at all, it would still be the elephant in the room.

    Apparently the SNP (and the lunatic Greens)are openly admitting they want open door immigration, which is a bit of luck because as members of the EU we don't have a choice in it...hopefully those SNP/Greens will be equally keen to pay for their hellish vision of utopia themselves? yeah right


  3. Makes the current coalition look rather good doesn't it?