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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bloody Polls.

You'd Think Votes Were Already Cast.

The besotted media in thrall to the polling industry, who still coin fortunes from fortune telling woiuld do well to think back on Kinnock's disastrous triumphalism. Or even stop and pause to reflect on the global failure in accepting these polls.

If we consider the events unfolding in Grimsby, with the usual leftie battle cry of self righteous entitlement to the moral high ground, belied by history and the reality of a fishing industry stripped of hope, by those using mantra and dogma as substitutes for fact, perhaps we might all hope the polls are at sea.

Is it possible the deadlock shown in the polls is purely because the polls are lost in the new multi-party world of UK politics. After all these polls do not have any relationship with the potential passion for change shown in 2010. Who knows. Yet if we look at the barrage of nastiness, lies and accusations against UKIP, not least the far right and racist mud slinging, is this not all panic? As suggested is happening with Grimsby?

Certainly a vote for UKIP is one for hope that the old, cosy, buddy buddy era of politics might be ended. I do hope so and the new "heir to Snotpicker Gordo" be shown the pillock he is! Must be a Labour trait, this snot delving lark! 

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