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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Barely A Week To Go.

Some More Points Ne're Mentioned.

The UKIP MEP, Ray Finch, among others, has produced an excellent piece titled "Stolen Seas". A work unlikely to get the publicity it deserves. Suffice to say, if every fishing port and community in the UK read it, UKIP would trawl a significant success.

As for all the market trading, unseemly electioneering stupidity by the old LibLabCon guard, immigration remains a suppressed issue. Purely because the EUSSR Masters have decreed no electioneering which casts a deserved light on their nastiness, to be promulgated. Particularly how the secretive adoption of this nonsense, Shengen, has made Europe and the UK, regardless of platitudinous denials, a magnet for every third world population. Those looking to achieve economic advantage, without centuries of war and strife to earn it.

Farming efficiency in the UK is but another neglected industry ruined by the CAP's bias towards aiding French and Eastern European inefficiency. Not to mention the African and other poor countries disadvantaged by the corporate sway, led by Mon Santo, over the EUSSR top brass of undemocratic nastiness.

The tame media pose to Farage and UKIP that they blame everything wrong with our fading Nation on the EUSSR. It is because only UKIP seem prepared to tell it as it is. The rest are already bought and paid for. Most notably that unpleasant oaf, Miliband and his coterie of bouncers led by Balls. 

What a future awaits us is surely something we cannot imagine. Oh, hang on, 1997 to 2010. How could I forget?

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