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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Ray Of Sunshine.

A Refreshing Change.

A skilful, competent and enthralling presentation. As the Guardian is forced to admit. Not only was she brilliant, refreshing and a "ray of sunshine" in the grey, dull, EUSSR doctrine of bore the subjects to sleep so we can get on  with the enslavement, she presided over a presentation before an audience not scared to take on the Establishment media.

If you missed this slick but honest and unusual piece of politics of a resounding clarion call to the electorate, you missed a treat. There was common sense, humour, coupled with proper seriousness where necessary and a manifesto of genuine National interest for the people, not the self interested cunning of career politicians and their cohorts in Whitehall and Brussels.

Aggressive, posturing for accolades and awards, from the usual boorish press lackeys of our Establishment media, was blown away by honest answers from the UKIP officials. Farage gave two "yes" one word replies to Kuenssberg's three combined and sneering questions, with a short and to the point response on our policy of funding all and sundry health tourists.

People from across the globe turning up for aids anti-viral drugs, at huge expense, put against elderly patients, after a life time of putting in to the NHS, refused life saving cancer care and drugs. Put Ms Kuenssberg in her place. 

So different to the cosy, luvvy-duvvy exchanges between the other lot and their friendly media, easy going pals. "Yes, Ed", "Of course Laura", "James, your tickle of choice" and so on. Sycophantic, sickening and smug elitism. Condescending nudges and winks.

Give it a go. From the excellent, charismatic start to finish, here is the intro to the manifesto at their recent conference and very much how it was published today.

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