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Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Duffy Moment From Labour.

Harman And Fairness?

This piece of walking hypocrisy, remember how she shoe horned "gay porn aficionado" hubby into an all women short list, nepotistic MP salary, opened her gob last week. The gist of her message, the usual targets for tax rises.

Now just bear in mind Milibad's hectoring, nasal whine on the "cost of living crisis" for those mythical creatures, hard working families. No hint of the plans to hit those very same people with tax rises, reported just a few hours ago on the usual targets. Fuel, booze and airline passenger taxes, just for starters.

The very same old, same old targets on the populations' few pleasures and necessities. As fuel rises so do all those goods moved by road, rail and air. How's that for a real slam dunk attack on cost of living? Ambulance running costs, drug distribution and a further help to transport hauliers on the Continent to hammer UK based operators.

Anyone happy to watch these lying, hypocritical, power hungry lackeys, in thrall to the Unions, particularly in the "Civil" services public pay sector, wreck, overnight, five years of snail like recovery, must be utterly mad or stupid or both. Their, Labour's, first act in taking power will to put back the placements in NHS trusts, like Mid-Staffs and elsewhere, to garner power over those who want to do their jobs, not be political pawns.

This is the kind of man that still inhabits our education upper echelons, Union well paid positions and a plethora of public service posts designed to thwart any political, democratically elected representatives. As for fairness, only on offer to those luvvies and hypocrites in the media, London chatterati and celebrities who consider their wealth to be somehow more deserving than anyone who seeks to challenge the politics of envy peddled by faux socialists.

Back to Harman. Note the lack of publicity and shock horror at her statement that Labour will kick off their first days in power to shaft those "hard working" families. Her statement should have sent shock waves through the electorate. Sadly, as ever, "move on, nothing to see here" is the stance taken, the reporting muted and even pressured into keeping this tax and spend statement of old fashioned, soak the public to fund the idle and feckless.


  1. I am reminded of labour's previous ideas of raising extra council tax from a household if there were improvements made, or a garden shed or room to park a car, aerial images would be used to view these improvements and would be used to calculate these extra taxes. Would that come in again post an election victory? Prescott had something to do with it I think.

  2. Jonty, the benefit culture, client class of the feckless needs dosh. The rest of us, "hard working people" will be dragooned into handing over anything Labour can garner.
    As for the polls, the mass immigration by Labour was purely to boost a new underclass of mugs to vote for them. Ergo, their imported number of votes outnumber those who long ago wrote these socialist despots off.