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Friday, 27 March 2015

Told Ya!

Boring Or What?

Apart from some theatrical stuff from Paxman and schoolgirl excitement from Kay Burley, it was dull as dish water. No mention of Asian grooming gangs, Mid-Staffs and other NHS Trusts' genocidal bureaucracy under Labour.

As for Camoron, he deserved the grilling but also some credit for, in five short years, helped the real working public, not Labours' client benefit lot, to recover from the hell of 13 years of spending to buy votes. 

Both Europe and mass immigration were glossed over, in accordance with both main parties' wishes. Labour wish to put into play their NHS weaponry despite the plethora of many of those "weapons" blowing up in their faces whilst in power. Not one word of that was there?

Weeks of platitudinous genuflection, to an electorate they despise so much, nothing the public would wish to happen will. Promises as worthless as used toilet paper will be pouring from their mouths with little regard to the real world around the rest of us.

A world and Nation overwhelmed with the consequences of political failure over decades. Education sold out to Marxist Teaching Unions, a multicultural nightmare used to ruin British nationality. Ironic Labour will likely be forced into a pact with Scottish Nationalists!

Perhaps we should let show business and the media, together with pollsters declare the result and save us all the effort of trying to avoid the lies, confidence trickery and blind, gross unawareness of political uselessness. That or just surrender, lock stock and barrel, to the EUSSR.

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