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Friday, 13 March 2015

The UK's Safer Streets and Multicultural Utopia.

We, As Ethnic White Brits, Must Be Eternally Grateful. 

With many millions of immigrants now ensconced throughout every town and city in the UK, the numbers of racist and Islamic extremists must be significant. So much so that the image above may well be the norm in the future.

So much so that the signs all around us, of decades of paedophile activity among our gentle, dear, loving Asian citizens and their pure and innocent desire to rape, abuse and demean white children, should be embraced by all of us who stupidly fear and loathe these barbaric, ignorant, medieval cretins. After all the law of the land gives them the privilege of positive discrimination.

Discrimination which has and continues to allow our multicultural Utopia to flourish under the beatific approval of our Parliament and Establishment. This revelation , no longer extraordinary but yet another glaring advertisement for what has been permitted, in many cases encouraged, to ensure our brothers from other culturally perfect and wonderful societies, are revered by decree. 

There is a General Election again, shortly. How much of this detritus forced on us all by the present crowd of politicians and their predecessors, particularly the gerrymandering by the ghastly Labour hypocrites, will be even mentioned let alone acted upon? No doubt, once the inconvenience of an election is out of the way, we will see another wave of mass immigration and further swelling of the ranks of IS sleepers and paedophile activists. I suspect that to be the case, regardless of the result.

As one of the last really great politicians of my lifetime said, "We must be mad".


However, he was also very wrong. If only it were 50000, not the hundreds of thousands. Plus the illegal numbers our so called Government has not a clue about. 

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