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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Russian Bashing Still Very Popular.


Note the reference to "fascists". She refers, of course, to the billionaires put into power in Kiev by the CIA and EUSSR. 

Note our dull, Cameron lick spittle, Hammond, when given a blatantly planted question about the Putin government's wealth and alleged corruption, suggests it might be a good idea to place this allegation before the Russian people.

This from a UK which happily embraces those ex USSR oligarchs and their plundered billions settling in London, without any qualms, post the fall of Communism. A UK Establishment in thrall to all things American. An Establishment tolerant, for their own ambitions, post troughing from the tax payer, of Bliar's dubious riches.

It really is sickening, this unfathomable obsession to poke the Russian bear. I am still at a loss how this helps anybody bar the warmongering arms business. Still, if it produces stunning and bright young women, as featured, then keep it going. Certainly more attractive as a person than Hammond and the UK's politicians per se!

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