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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Oh So Boringly Childish.

Tonight's Election Show.

Guess who the clowns are laughing at? You and me.

I am certain all we shall get is waffle and bluster with little honesty or trust on offer. Whichever gets into power post May will trot out all sorts of excuses as to why they will screw up just as ever before.

Will Cameron get a towelling over his broken EU referendum "cast iron guarantee"? Or his woeful failed promise to get a grip on immigration. Will he be challenged over his "Too many whites in positions of authority?

Will Milibad's part in the awful economic legacy and debt, mass immigration and child sex gangs during 13 years of Labour misrule? Will Labour's record on the NHS Mid Staffs deaths as well as elsewhere in an NHS "weaponised" by Labour placement bosses. Or a social services run by Labour Shoesmith-Baby P negligence?

None of the terrible state of our socially engineered mess of a Nation, now in thrall to Islamic fanaticist sycophancy will arise. Nor will the irony that Sky's political correspondent in chief's name is Faisal Islam.

It will be a TV luvvy fest watched by only sad bastards like me! More for the comedic value than anything else.

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