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Monday, 30 March 2015

Off They Go.

Already The Electorate Turned Cold.

Whatever the outcome of the ballot, fiddled, bent and fraudulent or not, the image shown will be ever more valid. Unless a very powerful support for UKIP kicks in.

With the full might of EUSSR backing for the three main quisling Parties, I doubt any swell of support would survive a day, let alone close on five interminable weeks.

What I will say, David Cameron soars above all other contenders and leaders but that is not necessarily a welcome fact, is it?

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  1. Is Cameron the least worst of the three stooges, do you know i'm not actually sure he is.
    He's quite good at not answering a question i'll give you that, any other recommendations are passing me by.

    Certainly an interesting election day looms, are there enough people capable of thinking for themselves and for the real long term future of our country, and not up to be bought on the cheap.

    The cast iron promise of 2 million new jobs (for 3 million more immigrants) is the best howler so far.

    In other news some daft survey spoken about on the radio about traffic jams in cities, well i'm dashed, who'd have thought that 6 million more people might cause a bit of a logistical log jam.