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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Now We Know Why There's A Shortage.

Oxfordshire Child Abuse Review.

A significant shortage of whitewash is now in all parts of the UK. As Oxfordshire's serious case review mentions ethnicity just once. Then goes on in virtually unintelligible "official" speak, "no top down steer" just one example, to mouth meaningless drivel with not one mention of how these atrocities will be tackled. Deportation certainly not on any agenda we realise that they have, to date, cornered the market in whitewash. They'll make a fortune selling their stockpiles on.

Indeed, this pathetic whitewash only adds to the failings of our Establishment such as this nightmare of illegal, uncontrolled tsunami of who can guess what flotsam and jetsam. More recruits to fuel the ever growing numbers of racist, envy ridden and dangerous hordes the authorities know nothing of, as they disperse into the towns and city ghettos.

Once buried in cellars of anonymity they are free to rape, pillage, recruit on behalf of criminally insane jihadists and our authorities are powerless. Keeping our streets safe is the mantra mouthed endlessly by those not expecting to have to use those self same thoroughfares now swarming with gangs and murderers.

Were I any younger I would set sail to Down Under in a heartbeat. I fled the city into the countryside. I may live to see that become concentrated and isolated by ghettos populated by the dwindling survivors of the white population. Is there any other scenario one can, in all reasonableness, imagine? How right was Enoch Powell?


  1. "Were I any younger I would set sail to Down Under in a heartbeat" - Me too OR, me too.
    I am so disappointed with the Tories, I hoped for much better after 13 years of Socialist destruction. The only hope now is to give UKIP a chance, I sincerely hope other people do too.