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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Now I Understand.

Camoron's Antipathy To Vlad.

I watched with fascination last night's "Dispatches" programme investigating Party funding. All of the players featured from the three "main" parties came over as less than attractive. However if individuals choose to donate to political parties it should be that they are free to do so. Nonetheless where it is done to buy favour or "honours", then that becomes unpleasant and in many circumstances, illegal.

The programme showed how this latter issue of legality is seen as little more than inconvenience. How, with wile, guile and cavalier morality the rules are bent to suit expediency. Were these clowns funded from tax payer revenues I am certain significant sums would "disappear" in cosy fact finding trips abroad and expensive dinners.

Until this programme I was at a loss as to why Camoron was and remains a cheerleader for the "get Putin" attitudes. Also seemingly desirable in Washington and Obummers' circles. As the dance of shame was performed in virtually exactly the same way by all of those from each Party, to what came across as identical and shameful choreography, only the different courted were different.

For Camoron the "mark" was a Russian billionaire exiled from Russia. We can only guess as to the reason for that exile and for how come the guy is so obscenely wealthy. Quite possibly a friend and partner with Ukraine's Poroshenko. Whatever, Temerko's history might well not stand scrutiny and his exile may well speak volumes as to his oil wealth.

Might also his status and place at the "top table" be used to stir propaganda against Vlad's popularity in Russia. May Temerko be looking to gain great power through bringing down Putin's reign as a great and popular leader? Even if my suggestion is fanciful, it still leaves a sour taste. 

Every bit as much as McCluskey's unseemly manipulation of Milibad in forcing out his sibling Davy. As for Clegg's lot. Where the others stoop to the  unsavoury prostitution of our politics, they have to go one step further and do it with blatant disregard for any semblance of decency or legality.

All in all the behaviour shown was nauseating. Little wonder they don't give a toss about the NHS, mass immigration and the ever growing power of the EUSSR and Islamic forces across the globe. Or the burning police cars in Frankfurt. Too busy seeking connections and money for their own greedy needs. 

Hugo Swire a particularly nasty example of all of them. His comments were disgusting. Were he a UKIP member he would be gone by now. As it is not a murmur. How awful the Establishment has become in their shameless pursuit of personal gain. A plague on all their houses.

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