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Sunday, 22 March 2015

How Come Some Get A Bashing?

Whilst More Deserving, Leftie Cretins Seem Untouchable?

What a loathsome bunch of abnormal, politically correct snobs who regard, like most minority causes in the modern era, only their immature, childish take on our world is of any consequence. If this lot really knew what freedom was, we might all lead better lives.

I do wonder how these "children" of our topsy turvey times would cope under what seems a desirable, doctrine dominated dictatorship to their warped sense of democracy under say an IS regime? For their benefit, democratic will is one where the majority will is meant to prevail.

For some reason the constant PC daily dose of brainwashing seeks to change us all in order, to rule. Furthermore, deliberately or accidentally, our humanity is being destroyed. Not least by this hounding of a man's family and children. Sickeningly disgusting. So much the mark of left wing nastiness. Not one mention of  their own kind's hypocritical, selfish drive for mega fortunes. Kinnock and Bliar but two of such filth. Our socialist rich better than your middle class aspirational conservatives. Note the small 'c'.

Indeed now the very big "G"s want in on the act. GGreen scum on this occasion.


  1. I struggle to disagree with Farage.

    Again he was spot on, they are scum.


  2. Scum indeed. Amateurs compared to the people behind them, though.

  3. Useful idiots?

    Didn't every socialist dictator have few thousand/million of them for the use of...a different sort of cannon fodder.


  4. They did and do, Judd. All of them leftards. An apposite word if ever the was one.