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Monday, 2 March 2015

Endless Misery.

What An Effing Shambles.

Don't mention "immigration" is the General Election mantra by LibLabCon.  However do not dare mention the bleeding obvious, either. Especially the abject failure and incompetence of all of us VIP politicians begging for your stupidity to keep us pouring excrement over you every second of every day.

Today brings more headlines, as no longer to the breakdown of our infrastructure is gathering pace, rather that it's complete. Yet not one whispered mention of the cess pit of a Nation they, the political and Whitehall Establishment have created.

BBC have no idea of the real reason for the mess, do they? Of course they do but it is not to be mentioned, is it? Same three monkey approach to schools, housing, A&E and the ever increasing number of no go areas. Still, since we have imported circa 20 million less well educated labourers to swell the ranks of our homegrown trailer trash, what's the problem? Just keep on boosting the ranks of clueless election fodder.

Sadly if UKIP cannot break this cycle of gross negligence we are totally doomed to an eventual civil war and collapse.


  1. Er, thankyou Mr Rightie for your doom, gloom and despond. Sadly, I think your are right. I'm off to open a bottle, a vein and take a hot bath.

  2. Perhaps spreading scurrilious rumours, about how Labour is intending to regulate against Halal, or a similar spoiler, would lose them these imported voters?
    All's fair, etc. - Labour are up to dirty tricks, so why not counterattack?

  3. Sorry, Flax. EdP, more likely Labour would legislate all omnivores would have to eat Halal.