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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Better The Devil(s) We Know.

How Do We Choose Which Scum We Vote For?

It is so ironic that Labour's meddling in Scotland, to destroy any Conservative presence there, is now seemingly doing the same to these clever clogs such as Snotty and Bliar, who expected such huge socialist advantage to ensue. I was delighted at this initial development until now.

Piggy above, not content with losing out on the "Presidency" of his native land now marches South to force his greedy ambition on we English. Part of his strategy is pure spite against the English. The resurrection of a feuding and very disunited Britain of centuries past. Hardly much sign here of the possible consequences.

So, in a fit of aggressive, bullying cockiness, this toad lookalike tells us only a socialist incumbent in Number 10 would get his "army" on board. Trouble with this approach is what his socialist DNA, despotic approach is supporting.

The even quicker descent into a Sharia dominated, Islamic group of Islands held to ransom, via the obsession by the left to force multi-culturism gerrymandering on the endemic nationals, once bound together as a UNITED Kingdom. The very same tactical approach which is likely to destroy our lives, as we know them, that has brought about the, to date, success of the SNP's rise North of the border.

All of the parties in the coming election have and continue to search for a telling slogan or phrase. I can offer all of the British voters such a phrase to mull over. Any vote for Labour will give us Milibad and rampant socialism. One ready and poised to swell the ranks of Islamic immigrants to an even greater number, spread Shia law ever further and seek to do that they had hoped to do in Scotland. Create a secure and unstoppable power base for a socialist, albeit eventually, Islamic state.

Instead the end result will be the same. What promises to become a Parliament dominated by a minority but powerful SNP presence, would be ripe for the evolving Islamic future the left seem so happy to watch become that future.

Already the racist led abuse of white children is endemic and quietly accepted. How soon before this debased attitude would spread to every corner of our lives. Christianity turned upon with a viciousness from the Middle-Ages, witnessed already throughout the Middle-East and much of the rest of Africa.

If you consider these scenarios as far fetched, consider this statement from the present "Conservative" PM; "Extremism but from which quarter?". 

Here is my take on election slogans.
Vote Labour get SNP, Sharia National Party!
Vote Conservative get a short reprieve.
Vote LibDum get nothing!
Vote UKIP get a tiny but important chance to be heard.

Ergo, anything but a vote for Conservative or UKIP gets you closer to a horrific future quicker than you may like. Just look at Scotland! Sturgeon and Salmond are haters of the English out of a spiteful and nasty sense of history. As far as the EUSSR and the Muslim political ambitions are concerned, those two ghastly Jocks are manna from heaven, as useful idiots.


  1. Your last sentence really hits the spot. There are nasty, underhand, corrupt and devious forces at work. This long-signalled election probably offers the last chance to reverse a worrying trend. And I know everybody reading that thought I meant Islamic issues, but there are deeper and potentially more destabilising eruptions of malice afoot. Just keep an eye on the gold price for an early warning for when it all kicks off.