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Saturday, 28 March 2015

At Last.

A Hint Of Reality.

At last some proper punch up politics. All my life I have watched election after election failing to lay it on against the socialist hierarchies and their union bully boy, mega rich hypocrites. Labour is stuffed to the gunnels with wealthy, "do as we say not as we do" ghastly cretins like the Milibads, Kinnocks, Balls and the rest of them.

To a man and woman, as Camoron rightly, though surprisingly, laid out today, Labour is a party of closet multi millionaires. Daily they spew out nastiness and bile at all those fortunate to have aspired to, or held to, values of self worth, independent effort and preparedness to consider those less fortunate. 

The label of conservatives and Conservatives as "nasty" is a wholly unnecessary piece of deliberate labelling. One, when we compare the size of middle class social consciousness and decency, to the selfish, moronic, Jeremy Kyle core Labour vote, the accusation just doesn't add up. 

To slap this label on all that the so called Labour Party of today is and behaves like, would be far more accurate. Likewise its camp followers and luvvies, led blatantly by the BBC crew of Londonista chatterati. Whatever the Clarkson scenario was, one of his crimes was not to toe the leftie line ingrained in that ghastly outfit. One which pays its cronies, from our extorted money, fortunes just to play ambassadors to the shrine of Labour social engineering. Yentob but one of probably many examples.

So if Camoron means to keep the gloves off and hit hard at Labours' track record of bankruptcy, NHS Trust bureaucracy, which brought about hundreds, if not thousands of deaths such as in Mid-Staffs, good. If he were to also go after the very same cretins running the EUSSR and their crooked, corrupt practices, he might really make ground to be properly elected.

In the meantime consider just a handful of Labour people rich at your and my expense;

The Bliars;
Mr and Mrs Balls;
Harman and her all women short list buster Jack Dromey;

There are many, many others, not least trade union bosses and two Jags Prescott. Every one guilty as charged by Camoron. If he carries on demolishing their "nasty" characters and gets down, dirty and personal, in order to show them for what they are, at long last, I might just stop misspelling his name, if not even more.

If the Labour lot and their luvvy friends are given a taste of what they have trotted out for decades, against all those forced to fund their aggressive antipathy to all those who dare have the temerity to disagree with their hypocrisy and do as we say behaviour, count me in as a cheerleader. Just don't bottle it. 

As for being personal, Gordon Brown halved my pension, then halved it again in 2008, in  favour of his banker mates. That is how "personal" political leaders can and do get. Let's have that banner writ large over the coming weeks.

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