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Monday, 23 March 2015

Anybody Voted For The Following?

Marxist Dictatorship?

Or any the following consequences of a totally unfathomable list of outcomes?

Mass, unchecked immigration.
A Politicised NHS leading to Mid-Staffs mass killings.
A handover of policing and the Armed Forces to the EUSSR.
The breakup of the UK.
Laws for immigrants, outside UK law, , i.e. Sharia.
The fat controller in the form of Ed Balls.
Rewards for the feckless and lazy, punitive taxes for "hardworking families".
The mass rape, abuse and violence towards young white girls.
Vote rigging and fraud.
Paedophile cover ups.

To name just a few subjects never to see the light of day during this facade of a General Election designed to cover the daily take over of our lives by those ghastly, unelected fraudsters and gangsters in Brussels and Berlin. All backed heavily by the corporate puppet masters and crooks in Washington.

As I post I,m forcing myself to listen to Ed Balls. Rubbish questions and garbage answers. What a gross cartoon of a politician. Still we know how bad he was in Office over 13 years, with his heels barely visible outside Snot Picker's draws. So
at least we can see what the future would be with this slob pulling the purse strings. God help us yet again.

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  1. Yeah - I just watched Osborne and Balls too. Not much doubt who came over best was there?

    All Balls banged on about was (1) the NHS (2) mansion tax (3) slagging Osborne. No policies and came over rather crudely I thought

    Osborne at least tried to answer the questions he was actually asked and didn't mention Balls once.

    Interesting to see the next opinion polls after this showing...