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Thursday, 19 February 2015

What's Really Going On?

A Battle For The Survival Of The EUSSR Is My Bet.

Obama, using EU puppets, keeps a low profile, despite orchestrating much of the antipathy, publicly, towards Russia and Putin, via the Ukrainian debacle of CIA subterfuge and funding. We know the first meetings between the two men over Syria were less than cordial. Does, it appears so, Obama hold grudges?

Whatever the appearances, the, in my view, quite sudden, eruption of hostilities in Ukraine, were very much the US looking to create friction with an emerging, powerful economy in Russia. One able to compete with American Corporate obsession with an EUSSR dominated and protected market for all thing Corporate US. Does Russian control of 35% of German energy needs detract from the ambition for US control of this market?

Along with these unknowns we have the slow morphing of NATO into a Pan EU military force, funded by the EUSSR budget, not underpinned by American men, arms and costs. For this to come about is a win, win for Corporate America. Massive arms deals, logistical support and billions if not trillions in associated contracts and zero financing obligations to boot. As discussed in this post.

My suggestion that this world government, Common Purpose agenda is looking ever more compromised, seems hard to argue against. Add the troublesome Greeks, who just might have realised their economic subjugation is deliberate, we do have hints the plans for US dominated global governance is shaky.

€1.1 trillion are about to be printed and pumped into the EUSSR economies in a belated attempt to copy the UK relative stimulation of growth. However the "one size fits all" failing of the euro project will still be a major stumbling block. To rescue Greece alone would take much of that stimulus but since this will not happen, default and "Grexit" will remain the only sensible option if the Greek people stick to their patriotic guns.

A further ploy for an EUSSR in the image of a USA society, has been and remains mass immigration. Despite the social deprivation, racism and ghetto experiences in the States, this model, stupidly has been replicated. We all know how that's turning out. It's not pretty or successful.

So, as the West's empirical ambition stumbles towards its inevitable decline and fall, all we patsies can do is suffer the propaganda, brain washing and vilification of all those our PTB see as their, not our, enemies in their grand designs. 

Left to ordinary folk would Ukraine be as awful as it is? Would the cold war have been so expensive, Vietnam so ravaged and our world so dreadful? Would the first world war have happened? Or the second for that matter, if the desperation of a defeated Germany, in 1918, not have been so wretched for the masses. 

Sadly the lust for power and self aggrandisement afflicts those who would rule so completely, common sense is lost. Were that not so our lot would be friends with Russia, not park nuclear weapons next door. Utter madness fuelled by vanity and greed. Evident in everyone of our political classes except possibly one. A man loathed, hated and feared in equal measure by the Establishment. As was/is Sarah Palin in America and Putin in Moscow. Or as vilified as was Enoch Powell who forecast our present racial problems and EU subjugation decades ago.

How this all pans out I may not live long enough to see. The clean up won't, however, be pretty for many years when the EUSSR collapses under a similar scorched earth sulk such as Gordon Nosepicker Brown engineered. I can imagine that clearly as Germany starts to pull support for EUSSR profligacy. A threat already hinted at! That referendum may yet prove unnecessary.

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