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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

We're Racist And We Like It.

Hand wringing Hypocrites Out In Force, Today.

I assume photo shopped, for now, at least.

The Chelsea, allegedly, supporters filmed on the Paris Metro have had hours of coverage and a positive army of punditry and chatterati, whingeing about what is an understandable backlash against positive discrimination and its twin from Hades, multi-culturalism. Compare this coverage with the following.

Here is how the anger is created. When you are part of the Establishment that, by their actions and ghastly failings, are caught out by consequences, so what? Move on to the next huge salary elsewhere, whilst pocketing undreamed of wealth on the  backs of the sacrificial, raped and abused children. 

This woman is one of thousands for whom mass immigration has become a very big earner, using erstwhile political correctness and "positive", as if that were possible, discrimination. None of those who have made this unjust system, biased dreadfully against the endemic, white population, forced to pay for this idiocy, are ever required to suffer the appalling slums and ghettos they so proudly champion.

That the resentment for the Western capitulation to all things immigrant based is becoming more and more obvious just causes the Establishment to act ever more superior. Just as those financial pundits failed to see the economic collapse of 2007, so the race industry beneficiaries cannot see the future wasteland of their stupid forced integration and vote harvesting, via mass immigration from the slums of the Planet.

It will get ever worse, if that is possible. Too late, already, for those raped and abused at will, of course. Still, just white trailer trash, aren't they? Or not, as the case may be.

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